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  1. or, Gear up or shut up.
  2. johnadams

    Empire State

    Empire State came up as something i'd be interested in from amazon. This one stars Liam Hemsworth, Emma Roberts and Dwayne Johnson minus "The Rock". I'm curious about this after seeing many of the Rock's movies this year but I'd appreciate a professional HDTGM review first. Here are some of the four and five star reviews from amazon: "Dwayne Johnson always makes outstanding movies. this is a must buy. i will watch it again and again. definitely a 5 star." "get ready for fun you didnt expect, thor's little brother is bigger than you think, w/ a proformance that can only enhance his creditbility, refreshing considering he carrys the show, while you waiting for rock, by the time rock does show up, you havnt even missed him. the kids that good." "This was an interesting movie about based on a true story about a Greek guy from NY that pulled off the biggest heist in US history in 1982. I loved that this movie had a Greek element to it and had Greek actors who spoke Greek as well as non-Greek actors speaking Greek."
  3. johnadams

    Killing Season (2013)

    Does anyone seriously have hair like Travolta in this?! The beard and hair line is absurd.
  4. johnadams

    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    I really enjoyed how "Mr. Bonestripper" had it's own theme song. The rest of this movie was just disturbing and questionable. i feel bad for John Candy and even Chevy for this one. I remember really wanting to see this when I was a kid. I know I saw it, but I didn't remember a single thing until I watched it again. i guess you really can block things from your memory. I also remember after it came out on video I was able to get the cardboard promo display from the local video rental store. No idea why I wanted it. it ended up being a makeshift dart board.
  5. johnadams


    How did the entire Dwarf cast not walk out on this production when they found out a non-dwarf would be cast to play a dwarf. Seriously Gary? Walking around on your knees?!
  6. johnadams

    The Double

    Hey HDTGM Gang, Please watch and review "The Double". This is a fantastic film starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace. Richard is an FBI agent who is brought in on a murder case that is similar to the murders of a serial killer he has been investigating for the last thirty years. Topher is a new agent that gets on the same case because of his thesis on the same serial killer he wrote in the FBI academy. From there suspicision abounds as Gere and Grace investigate the new killing and track down the killer. My favourite part is when Richard Gere gets invited to the Topher's for dinner. Topher's wife greets Richard and welcomes him to their humble Commode. Yes, COMMODE. There is also a 5 minute revalation conversation in the middle of a chase scene where the main characters completely ignore who they are chasing. There are so many other parts that will have you rolling your eyes and scratching your head. Saying any more would just ruin the fun of experiencing this movie.
  7. johnadams

    Episode 15.5 — Minisode 16

    Liam Smurf's Smurf is so Smurf that it Smurfs when it Smurfs.
  8. johnadams

    Episode 15.5 — Minisode 16

    Everyone in Smurf Village was surprised to find Pervy Smurf hanging in his closet after failing to perform auto Smurfic Smurfixication on himself.
  9. Extreme Mountain Climbing, Explosions, Bill Paxton and Chris O'Donnel. What could possibly go wrong?
  10. johnadams

    Episode 14.5 — Minisode Fifteen

    Sorry, I have an appointment to get artificially inseminated that night and if all goes well I'll be meeting up with a single mothers support group. Yeah I'm a guy, and what do you mean I can't get inseminated!? What was this movie about again?