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  1. Oh ye of little face
  2. Got A High-Five Off the Hot Intern. Finally.... After MONTHS of "Too-Slows"
  3. Punch the Air and Kick the Sea, it's Comedy Bang Bang
  4. I finish vomiting every piece of culture I ever consumed, sit for minutes, curled and trembling, finally open a bloodshot eye. Ah yes... Comedy Bang Bang
  5. Fun studio episode! I've been a fan of Jon for a while, but I don't think I've ever heard him speak before.
  6. denzquix

    Episode 11 — The Fogelnest Files

    I love the concept of this, and the chosen topic, and it's really fucking funny!
  7. denzquix

    Episode 130 — Robo Cop Diet!

    This was a great episode! I would love to see Dan appear on more Earwolf shows. I love how happy every sound effect made him.
  8. denzquix

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    So sorry to hear about the fate of Mr Blow. It was a really nice idea.
  9. denzquix

    Episode 8 — Gelmania VIII: LIVE!

  10. denzquix

    Episode 7 — Gelmania VII

    Because... ...well...
  11. denzquix

    Episode 158 — Words with Friends

    Not sure about that, I know he does craft services on Words with Friends though.
  12. denzquix

    Episode 158 — Words with Friends

    I love having Gillian back! She is amazing.
  13. Please Stop Seeing Me At The Movies, it's Comedy Bang Bang
  14. A Very Dear And Close Friend Of Mine Passed Away Just A Few Days Ago So I Apologise In Advance If This Episode Is Kinda Weird, it's Comedy Bang Bang.
  15. denzquix

    Episode 9.3 — Time Crunch: Day 3

    I don't know, what's-a podcast with you?