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  1. I would like to thank Ray Richter for his generous donation of $100 to Comedy Bang Bang. Thank you for that, we will be sending a little something special to you.
  2. This podcast is just fantastic, I think the show is at it's best when you can tell they are tired, want to go home, and are just sincerely annoyed at each other. I want this show to go on forever.
  3. pongo

    Comedy Bang Bang TV, season Two!!

    It's a shame that we still have to wait for season one DVD which I an hoping has footage from the tour that wasn't featured in the store.
  4. Thanks I just saw Matt and I4H being unfairly attacked outside of this form and waned to defend him because he couldn't. Not to mention I insanely love this podcast and Matt. So I guess this is perfect for me having a hand in this case closed segment because I don't see myself disagree with Matt on anything, except maybe Avengers, but that has been done already and wouldn't be interesting. Anyway great episode and thanks for the shout out.
  5. Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo is a description of this grammatically correct sentence.
  6. pongo

    Episode 197 — Please Claire-ify

    By the way I don't think that it was about only females getting criticism, but rather when a female is on they usually do get criticism. I feel like men have been criticized before and it is dumb excuse to be negative. Not that you don't get the right to not like something I just think you shouldn't hide behind the excuse to somehow validate your point.
  7. pongo

    Jeff Q&A

    Why did you decide to put the little earwolf logos in all the show logos. I guess it bugged me a bit for the first couple days in logos like the Fogelnest Files were it's a bit distracting but I got over it pretty quickly and think it looks fine now. Although I would still like to know for curiosities sake.
  8. pongo

    Episode 7 — Follow the Whispers

    NERD POKER: DUNGEON AND DRAGONS WITH BRIAN POSEHN & FREINDS "Blaine" "Ken" "Sarah" "Sark" " You can forget about Gerry"
  9. pongo

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    I love CBB because it just has really funny people on and it doesn't matter if they are male or female. I love the fact that this topic was brought up for discussion and find it hilarious that some people dove so far into it by saying that men should be on less. Now I don't think making sure a girl is on every episode is really the answer and just think that since Scott knows so many hilarious female comedians they will be on anyway. I don't think I would be upset from now on if there wasn't a women on every episode or if there was a man on every episode but have confidence that whoever Scott has on will be funny regardless of gender like they always are. This also doesn't mean to stop trying to have female comedians on so much because they haven't been as funny because I loved every aspect of this episode but if Scott wants to have a surplus of female comedians on go ahead. I realize there are dummies out their who you are trying to convince but I have never had a problem with gender.
  10. pongo

    Episode 192 — GoodFelines

    Is it weird that I re listened to all of Ben's CBB appearance's over the weekend and was going to say how much I missed him.
  11. pongo

    Episode 109.5 — 1/4/13 TWO CHARTED 48

    Chief Queef makes his dramatic return to the podcast scene. Rizzoli, Isles, it's me Chief Queef.
  12. pongo

    Episode 128 — Sklarbro Mixtape 2012

    Anyone else think it was hilarious when Jonah said it is easier with bing.
  13. pongo

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    So how long do we have to wait until the promo code in the commercials is bear.
  14. pongo

    Jeff Q&A

    Wadsworth so not that far, why I assume you are visiting family for the holidays right now.
  15. Ya it is depressing how low that Wipeout made it but I am happy to see that that Time Bobby made it to number one. Scott made a great point about how the most recent episodes being voted on more because I remember last year how upset I was when the 2010 Christmas episode didn't make it higher because that is arguably one of my all time favorite episodes. I was thinking the same thing when I thought weather or not Savage and the Wisemen would make the list seeing as it is over a year I thought it probably wouldn't, and I was right. Also I got so much joy out of Scott and Paul sing the Cantina Band song because me and one of my friends make it a point to sing that song for about a minute every time we see each other.