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  1. jesle

    Episode 5 — Drive Angry

    Hilarious! If you ever do decide to do Troll 2 you should definitely have Curtis Gwinn back and/or John Gemberling.
  2. jesle

    Episode 32 — 88 Minutes

    One of my favorite episodes, too funny!
  3. Hilarious as always! Just to add to the whole "no chemistry" thing between the leads, check out these photos from the premiere. Looks pretty awkward.
  4. jesle

    Southland Tales (2006)

    lol, oh man, after seeing that car commercial I have to see this movie.
  5. jesle

    Episode 28 — Creativity

    Loved this ep! Loved Paul F. Tompkins!
  6. jesle


    I liked this film!
  7. jesle

    Coyote Ugly (2000)

    YES, so awful
  8. jesle

    Episode 20 — Sexual Attraction

    LOVE this ep, Sarah Silverman is awesome.
  9. jesle

    The Animal (2001)

    Lol, this movie was so strange. You could probably do an episode on any Rob Schneider movie.
  10. jesle

    Scream 4

    Aww, I love the Scream franchise. They're tongue and cheek, they're supposed to be a little ridiculous and silly.
  11. jesle

    Transformers (2007)

    YES. Michael Bay must be stopped.
  12. jesle

    Gnomeo and Juliet

    Seeing this trailer actually made me angry.
  13. jesle

    Avatar (2009)