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  1. goldmans1

    Episode 47 — Republicans

    The podcast works because Andrew's views are so extreme that the show becomes provocative. Good times,
  2. goldmans1

    Episode 190 — You Know What I Mean?

    One of my new favorite CBB episodes! A universal truth in the form of the ghost of Orson Welles. Wow.
  3. goldmans1

    "____, please"

    Just type the word nigga if that is the word you're discussing please.
  4. goldmans1

    Episode 38 — Rockabilly

    So was Marty McFly racist for traveling back in time?
  5. Yo, is Mork and Mindy Racist? Oops wrong podcast.
  6. goldmans1

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    Checked out Comedy Bang Bang live last monday in Chicago. Had an awesome time. Besser and Adomian and Ackerman werre hilarious. Cant wait for them to roll through again. Come back soon peeps!
  7. You cant catch a phrase by just kissing unless maybe both people have mouth sores.