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    Episode 15 — Where'd That Hat Go?

    I've never really been a fan of improve but that's because I'd never heard really good improve before. It feels like a profound artistic becoming, like a mystical awareness that descends on the participants and sweeps everyone up into a quantum oneness. Like good jazz improvisers everyone is acutely attuned to one another and capable of riffing off the most innocuous comments! Bravo gentlemen! You are great artists and I thank you for the amazing comedy.
  2. The Cunt of Mofo-Pisstoe

    Episode 126 — Suicide is Painless

    Well, speaking as poor white trash, I must admit to being excited hearing three affluent "white brothers" trash an educated black man i.e. Bill Cosby. With every uncouth epithet I let loose a barrage of whoots and hollars. White people relish our hatred of the inferior races and relate to one another, regardless of social class, via the degradations we inflict on "our little brown brothers" Keep up the excellent racism! (I 'm exactly as racist as the supernal performers who bless the world with this, the best podcast imaginable, FREE weekly entertainment. None whatsoever. Thank you so much for putting out such high caliber funniness every week. I'm in your debt gentlemen.)
  3. The Cunt of Mofo-Pisstoe

    let's rally the suicide candidates!

    let's rally the suicide candidates!
  4. The Cunt of Mofo-Pisstoe

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Alright fellas, I'm hooked and waiting to be reeled in. You immediately summoned up old memories of inarticulate, stinky fucks air- guitaring Phish songs while assuring me of my own imminent worshipfulness of said band. THIS IS A GENIUS PREMISE. IT IS NOVEL, INTELLIGENT, AND FORESHADOWS A NEW TYPE VICARIOUS RELATING I'VE NOT ENCOUNTERED AMIDST THE MYRIAD COMEDY PODCASTS AVAILABLE.