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  1. I went into this podcast entirely prepared for a sea monster. BIG BROTHER HAS RUINED MY LIFE.
  2. Shepherd

    Episode 3 β€” Sassy Baby

    This is fantastic. Thanks so much.
  3. Shepherd

    Episode 134 β€” Bride of Chucky

    The cold open + overlap was awesome.
  4. Shepherd

    Episode 2 β€” The Hazy Blade of Winter

    I'm just staring in on this podcast, and this is awesome. Hot Saucerman, MD makes my day. I was going to complain a bit about how things feel a bit... scripty... but as I settle in, the off-the-page delivery kind of captures that Mercury Theatre vibe.
  5. Much-later follow-up: I really find it more engaging when the guest is super game and jumps into the show proper with both feet -- AND can keep up. Grant-Lee Philips was an awesome participant throughout the show, which warmed me up a *lot* for the music, and helped everything kind of flow together.
  6. Shepherd

    Episode 132 β€” Occupy Thanksgiving

    Just FYI: there's an open thread in the CBB forum to discuss live (unfunny) musical guests: http://www.earwolf.com/forums/topic.php?id=1799 I have a differing opinion about the guests, but I can appreciate Brian's point that this is a kind of recurring conversation -- maybe that space is a good spot for people to discuss live musical guests and straw-poll the for/against folks instead of having this talk every time we have a live guest on the show? Re. the show: my distaste for Dov Charney runs so deep that I find it hard even to listen to Dov Charney parodies, but despite that, this one was a standout for me. The improvised song was awesome (better than the prepared material!), and I actually liked Grant's being super game for What Am I Thinking? Bring back the keyboard!
  7. Ennis is Irish, just in case anyone is still wondering.
  8. Shepherd

    "Creak, slam, sit!"

    That is awesome.
  9. It’s a worthy experiment, and I appreciate the idea and effort being put into it, but -- it's just not working for me. I imagine that playing comedy recordings maybe felt a little busy, or maybe after 120+ episodes there might be a bit of a material shortage, but there's just a disconnect that I can't wrap my head around. Intro, comedy, improv, comedy, improv, the Bangles play a song from 20 years ago, improv, comedy, improv, comedy, that band plays more music that has nothing to do with improv or comedy, improv, comedy, improv, that totally unrelated band plays more stuff. There's a flow issue here. I kind of dug Matthew Sweet, if only because Matthew Sweet seemed to be super game for some CBB shenanigans. But on the whole, it's a bit like sitting down for a nice comedy dinner, a four-course fiesta of comedy tacos, and somebody keeps running in and dropping watermelons on the plate. I love watermelons just like I love tacos, but I don't really want to interrupt my delicious chain o' tacos with tangential fruit. Then again, who the fuck am I, and who cares what I think? Nobody and nobody, respectively. But speaking as nobody, I'd almost rather no music than out-of-left-field live acts.