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  1. wow this ep was a real classic what with the interview with a crazy man, a young intern interview, and a rant for real tho that av club list is a bunch of bulls*it, of course cbb is cool but man there are some real bad shows on their not to name any names or anytging
  2. good i really liked that part also i voted for i4h
  3. doug's friend neil got a lot of mentions in this ep, i smell a new earwolf podcast
  4. dredd 2 : the walking dredd judge dredd vs zombies, comic book movie + zombies = very hottttttt EDIT this is my 100th post, great job
  5. iron man negative 1 rerelease the rocketeer with a led light CGed onto he chest
  6. soloman almighty third bruce almighty movie based on the song of solomon and also a baby is cut in half EDIT dang i made this thread late last night, i dont have likes all day now :c
  7. no, curly straws are cool, tho calling them 'crazy' is a little insentsitive
  8. a new godzilla movie EDIT: oops ran out of likes, be back 2morros
  9. reboot of splash this one only works if we can get jj abrams
  10. a shot for shot remake of babe the pig with the original cast
  11. sound of music: port of call pyonyang after ww2 the von trap family moves to korea to start a new life, unfortunately trouble follows them the original family, but we get a new nun for a romance could be the start of a franchise, ie later movies can move to vietnam, grenada, iraq, bosnia, iraq sorry for the long post, thank you for sticking with it
  12. fart times at ridgemont high (because of weed) a parody movie
  13. star wars 10: battle of the aliens i havent seen the other ones but i think this would make a lot of money
  14. a gritty horror reboot of ghostbusters
  15. beer would compromise my str8 edge lifestyle but we could split a gallon of milk
  16. that was mean, im sorry, my apologies to mister un
  17. oh dont ask that person my question i guess, thats a dumb guest to have on your show
  18. i have a question for the person you interviewed for the show tomorrow: do u like being on podcasts? i know the podcast has already been recorded, so plz text the guest my question and have them skype me
  19. i hope they like me, or indeed that anyone at all does
  20. i would like more like votes per day too, some days i post a lot
  21. yeah but how did his butt look? still p good?
  22. greggy

    Episode 110 — Tony the Pony

    yeah the ucb tv show was very important to me when i watched it as a teenager and the name was definitely part of what drew me to it to begin with, i was like "what the h*ck is this weird sounding show doing on the stand up comedy and snl rerun channel?" and then was hooked dang i wrote a lot of words my hands are cramping my heart is racing im sweating like mad
  23. greggy

    Episode 110 — Tony the Pony

    hi i realy liked your show mr besser thank you for making it for me