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  1. People often tell me I either look like a young Steve Young or Gary Oldman as an old man.
  2. Even though I walk through valley of the shadow of death, I rollerblade almost everywhere else.
  3. Hold my scarf Carl, things are about to get crunchy
  4. Comedy Bang Bang another quality Breitbart production
  5. Slice a tomato for us Victor. Once for the revolution and once again for Barbara’s sandwich.
  6. I’ve got a need, a need for speed. Seriously my dependency on it is becoming an issue.
  7. Great episode. Character actors fit this format really well. Saul Rubinek showed up on this weeks Unspooled he would be great on NNF.
  8. Doris is porous while Neil remains sealed.
  9. Thank you for the soup Tom. It was good.
  10. Only non filtered cigarettes for me sir. Filtered smokes are like sucking boobies through a sweater
  11. Extra extra read all about it. Cabbage is the new musical fruit. Beans look to challenge the decision.
  12. 4 out of 5 dentists agree, A Pentagram is a kickass thing to draw on your book cover.
  13. Slinging more ‘tent than Coleman
  14. Now with 30% less scabies