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  1. Hi Hayes,


    Happy Birthday! To celebrate you should go to Disneyland with our mutual friend, Andy. He can get three people in for free on non-holidays and he never let's anyone forget it.


    Also Tim Treese is getting married soon and he and his lady seem pretty wealthy, like maybe it's the kind of wedding where the guests get to leave with a gift. Could be fun.


    Ok bye bye birthday boy

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  2. Hello little lovelies! A new episode of my podcast, Brother Lovers, is out! The old gang is back together again: Valerie Bryant, Rod Aug, and A Bear. We're not better than ever, but we're still probably just as good. Since Big Brother is over (and the boys hated it) we have switched things up and now the podcast is about any and all things brother-related. Our debut episode with the new format is about Blood Brothers. We talk about the band, the musical, the concept, and the Papa Roach song. Guys, it's silly and I hope you like it.


    Please listen.



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  3. Valerie, if you're reading this, your Kurt Cobain joke on PAW made me shriek out loud in public and I got arrested for disturbing the peace so if you could come bail me out, that would be great.

    too bad greggy didn't get it.


    edit>but seriously the podcast was great and the line "you know how dad's are with maids" is one of the best things i've heard in a week of great podcasts.


    edit2>coke & kids stuff = comedy gold. holy shit.


    You guys are the best and I love you with all of my heart.

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  4. I like Pete when he isn't astrally projecting positive vibes with dream shamans on mushrooms.





    Prof Blastoff - 4/10 - I fucking loved this show for the first while. As a scientist, I HATE huntsberger. childhood naivety should not extend into adulthood.


    I feel the same way when David goes off on some bullshit. Like how do we KNOW there aren't little robots living inside computers? We can't PROVE that there aren't. He is very frustrating sometimes. But he is also very nice and funny when he isn't being ridiculous.


    It's my birthday.


    Happy Birthday, A Bear!

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  5. About True Detective, that is.


    Jeffrey thinks season 2 was good. And only bad at times as an artistic statement, like it's meaningless because life is meaningless or something. And he thinks each character is fully formed in the minds of the writers and they only appear one dimensional again as an artistic statement.


    Jeffrey wrong as hell, right?


    I always argue with someone in the hangouts. Usually it's A Bear, so this was a nice change of pace. Just Add Pepper got into it with me recently too. You guys are fun.

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