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  1. Spunky, I definitely want to join your anti-gang league, but I agree with my good friend SteveH that we have to change the name. My suggestion is to add "naughty" in there. Forumers Against Naughty Gangs. I don't think any of us would claim to be against a good gang, like say The Buttercream Gang. It's important to have specificity in a group title. It could even work as Forumers Against Naughty Gargoyle Gangs if our primary aim is to take down the Boyz.

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  2. I listened to the professor blastoff best of 2014 ep and oh boy was it a corker. Kyle doing the body rap had me nearly crying, and the mother meditation was hilarious as well.


    First time listening to PB and god dammit now I have another pcast to listen to every week.


    Have you seen Kyle on Inside Amy Schumer as the Criss Angel type magician? It's wonderful.

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