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  1. Lights, camera, affirmative action! Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, the only podcast on the internet that is intended to prevent discrimination against employees or candidates for employment, on the basis of "color, religion, sex, or national origin."
  2. ryancomins

    Episodes for purchase on iTunes...?

    Thanks for posting this up. I also have an iTunes gc and was hoping to give the money to you guys somehow... I was considering just mailing it to the studio with a note "Season 3 of Swamp People is on me!"
  3. Where's the sidewalk chalk? I'm Hop Skotcherman.
  4. ryancomins

    Video clips/episodes?

    I'm in new zealand so i feel your pain bro. I agree, some videos would be awesome. Hopefully the CBB TV pilot gets picked up.
  5. ryancomins


    dream tee shirt: Bob Ducca's list of ailments in squares with accompanying illustrations.
  6. ryancomins

    Here's my list.

    Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Pancakes Ob-la-di, Ob-la-nachos Love Meat Tender Happiness is a Warm Flan
  7. ryancomins

    Bret Gelman podcast

    aw sugar lumps... Conrad totally Soze'd me...
  8. ryancomins

    Bret Gelman podcast

    Conrad, seriously? First of all, Scott is a champion of alternative comedy in L.A. If he anything he would be fighting the "corporate influence" and encouraging all things creative. Secondly, it's a bit bold to speculate on what Scott would or wouldn't do with a show that appears to exist only in rumor. Like Jeff said above, there are always outside factors in considering whether a show will happen. Also, "Scott's infamous smear campaigns" are part of the running character relationship between Scott and Brett, and that's what it is... a character relationship. It's a comedy show, don't be a pooper and take it seriously.
  9. That's the suggestion.. the title I mean.
  10. That's the suggestion.. the title I mean.