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  1. Its been a decade since I recorded one of these. I missed you all. Cheers! (I Miss Plugging For Scottrick - Sean Michael Smith)
  2. To be in REM? We may never know how it truly feels. So, I put my woes into music. Does it feel good? Does it feel... Great? https://soundcloud.c...el-to-be-in-rem Thanks for listening. - Sean, from Rochester NY, no really, not Rod Chester, I'm actually from Rochester
  3. SeanSmithSounds

    Pretentious Plug

    I love you. - Sean Michael Smith and the Plastic Bang! Bang! Band!
  4. SeanSmithSounds

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53hiHAkK6KA One of the best of Macho.
  5. Ever notice how these catchphrases are perfect examples to why we're all not professional comedians?
  6. SeanSmithSounds

    Guest suggestions

    Paul F., Superego, and/or Proops would be absolutely amazing. Maybe even get lucky with Michael Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy.
  7. "Pleasant Plug" by Sean Michael Smith. With love, to the Saucerman. http://soundcloud.com/seanmichaelsmith/pleasant-plug-sean-michael
  8. Obviously submitted by Sean Michael Smith.
  9. SeanSmithSounds

    NEW (Whip Out Your Plug) by Sean Michael Smith

    This lil' gem hasn't been played yet, and because I love you all this will be the last time I ever give it a chance.
  10. I've got a song that hasn't been played yet. Its called Whip Out Your Plugs. I'm a producer at Hearing Damage Studios so its nice to do something fun and not depressing. http://soundcloud.com/seanmichaelsmith/whip-out-your-plug-by-sean Thanks! -Sean Michael Smith
  11. SeanSmithSounds

    NEW (Whip Out Your Plug) by Sean Michael Smith

    Sorry about all the posts. Forgot to add the soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/seanmichaelsmith/whip-out-your-plug-by-sean
  12. SeanSmithSounds

    NEW (Whip Out Your Plug) by Sean Michael Smith

    Hmpf. The title of the MP3 is somewhat of a spoiler.
  13. This is a new 2012 plug song by Sean Michael Smith called "Whip Out Your Plug."
  14. Every week I write and record a song, so here is a plug song about just that. http://soundcloud.com/thisisidioteque/never-plugged-by-sean-michael
  15. Presidential penis jokes. Classy.