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  1. I asked my step mom what were doing for thanks giving, she cried "There's nothing to be thank full for, my cats dead!". It died a week ago. She does own a cat paraphernalia store called Catjam. So I can see why she's upset, but common.
  2. Young Hutt

    Season 2?

    I agree with Brandon. Fucking brilliant show. That whole classic radio drama is great for this brand a humour, and the comedians writing it made it some of the funniest shit to hit my ears since Ed Hardy Q-Tips.
  3. Everyone loves dick jokes.
  4. Young Hutt

    The Marine (2006)

    Helicopter flying through the desert. Text crawls across the bottom of the screen. Somewhere in Afghanistan. John Cena says something like, if we can't go around em', we'll go through em'. EXPLOSION. Next thing you know T-1000 is sticking up a jewelry store., and walking away in slow motion while a RPG blows up a cop car. This movie is the definition of so bad its good. Also there's some one going joke about rock candy that has a bunch of gay undertones I couldn't really figure out. If you want a great Ep, do this movie. PS Sorry to recommend two movies in a row that feature wrestlers, didn't occur to me till just now. Although a pro wrestler usually helps with the HDTGM factor.
  5. Young Hutt

    No Holds Barred (1989)

    Spins. I'd be happy to make a DVD, of my VHS copy, and mail it if required. Kinda sad how we lose some of the classic shitty movies with format upgrades. Thankfully my step dad runs a record store that also sells VHS. I got no shortage of useless shit.
  6. Drawn on angry eye browns, calling your dick a lizard, a limo driver crying the words dookie, and hulk hogan. This movies got it all.