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  1. this is a real gem: https://youtu.be/nv3styD2VBI It starts off as basic science explainer for an invented device and then around 3-4 minutes in it goes straight into pure bonkersville. This man believes if you put a photo of yeast into his machine, he can cure your yeast infection...
  2. lgroskin

    Episode 34.5 — Minisode 34.5

    Just watched Tiptoes - 2 things: 1. This movie is best watched as though Gary Oldman is NOT dwarf at all. Instead, he is a full grown man who spends the entire movie pretending to be a dwarf. At various times, he gets himself stuck inside of couches too. Everyone is just 1 line away from saying "Rolph, seriously...just stand the fuck up." 2. Why does McConaughey insist on kissing the entirety of Beckinsale's face?
  3. Jesus Christ. This movie is awful. The special effects are awful. The non-special effects are awful. The performances ( if you want to call them that) are awful. Jack Black is a giant man child (go figure) who gets transported to a land of tiny people to find himself and help Jason Seagal get laid. HA ! No seriously. Actually, he travels to land of tiny people to butcher a classic work of fiction . Billy Connelly appears. So does Emily Blunt. Both hand in the worst performances of their lives. And yet somebody thought they should pour $112 MILLION (no typo) into this film. Mistakes were made. You need to see this movie to understand how things could go so wrong. Please do. And then review!
  4. lgroskin

    Deep Blue Sea

    I agree too. And it has LL Cool J rapping "Deepest Bluest- my rhymes are like a sharks fin." How could you ask for anything more?