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  1. I don't know why but derailing the show with Whoopie Goo had me crying with laughter. Guess I'm just that immature.
  2. Great episode! Did anyone else listen to The District S.F. back in the day? I was wondering if the singer from The Family Crest also sang in that band. Sounds just like him.
  3. saintgimp

    Episode 2004 - The Gang

    Finally got around to seeing the movie. Really wasn't that big of a spoiler. My bad.
  4. saintgimp

    Episode 2004 - The Gang

    For real kinda bummed he spoiled Fences. I didn't know anything about the play. Just wanted to go see the new Denzel movie.
  5. If it's barbecue you're looking for, GET OUT!!! This is a podcast dumdum! Your family is hungry! You're a terrible father!
  6. This is how to rabble rouse in travel trousers!!!
  7. I'll admit I don't know much about long form improv. Basically this podcast is all I know of it so maybe I have no right to comment; however, I assume the live shows are similar to what goes on here. Given the popularity of UCB, it seems to me this guy saying "I don't get it. I don't understand it." is the equivalent of the elementary class where teacher clearly explains the lesson and asks if anyone has any questions and the little shit that's been blowing spit balls all day raises his hand and the whole class groans as the teacher explains the whole thing over again.
  8. Also it says on his website that he appears and writes for UCB regularly so probably not him.
  9. saintgimp

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Jesus Christ is my nigga!
  10. saintgimp

    Episode 138 — Old Boots

    In regards to the Mississippi debate, let's keep in mind that they did not officially ABOLISH SLAVERY til FEB 7, 2013.
  11. "eye-uh-woss-kuh" is always how I've heard the name of that drug pronounced.
  12. saintgimp

    Episode 3 — Wild Food For Urban People

    You guys are totally racist against farmers. haha
  13. saintgimp

    Episode 81 — Todd Barry Vs. Borders

    Warwick Davis and Jamie Fox... can't believe no one mentioned the movie Ray.
  14. saintgimp

    Episode 57 — A Buttery, Juicy Episode

    Good episode but seriously made me nauseous.