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    Jim Norton #180

    This is great.
  2. No matter what Aukerman says after this catchphrase, I'm famous for a week.
  3. Completely reasonable stance. Also, dogs are objectively ugly.
  4. MikeB

    Episode 235 — Concert Buddies

    Hilariously, the word cum as Aukerman defined is abused by the british soccer (football) press. Sometimes a player tries to cross the ball, but the ball goes closer to the goalie (and sometimes even in the goal) than another player. This is frequently described as a cross-cum-shot. Which makes me laugh every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MN_l-UgI3U
  5. MikeB

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    What was the name of the 2007 Wilco Album? Sky... Sky Blue Sky