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    Episode 124 — Half-a-SWARM

    Hey dude, racial prejudice is called racism. Ugh.
  2. Somethingdumb

    Episode 124 — Half-a-SWARM

    I think Spike was calling for 2 things: Mainly: awareness and respect for a culture/people who historically are oppressed and told their culture is illegitimate/lesser. Secondly: awareness that there's a broken institution and a call/desire for that institution to be fixed, to stop only caring about white neighborhoods, to care about everything, and to (like the gentrifiers) be aware and respectful of those cultures who're already there. Respect for different cultures is the realest solution you can give, especially if that respect runs deep enough to hit 'the system' No no no no no a million times no that's not a thing dont be stupid edit: I just want to reiterate that racism against whites (or: reverse racism) is not a thing. It's crazy. Your implication that he 'just wanted white people out' is terrible. They came into a black neighborhood: fine. nothing wrong with that But then: they, with a total lack of awareness, trod upon their culture. That's bad. And then: because more white people are there, it becomes a "nicer neighborhood", and rent goes up. That's bad. And THEN: Some of the lower income black families are forced to move from their homes, more white people come in, and after years of struggle to improve their situation, neighborhood, etc, it's ONLY WHEN THEY LEAVE THAT THE INSTITUTION STARTS CLEANING THE PLACE UP And you get mad at Spike because he said fuck that? Fuck you, dude.
  3. If you're gonna eat all of that bread anyway, why not eat the basket, too? Just kidding, that's not my new permanent catchphrase.
  4. Somethingdumb

    The House of The Dead

    Muerte. That's Spanish for DEATH.
  5. Somethingdumb

    The House of The Dead

    Oh, also, flashbacks not just to the previous scene, but to a scene currently in progress.
  6. Somethingdumb

    The House of The Dead

    I'm sure Uwe Boll movies have been thrown out in the past, but his movies can be a dangerous choice. Often, they're so bad that they become unenjoyable. House of the Dead isn't his worst movie, but it is his most fun. From horror chase scenes that blast generic 90s club rock to random and frequent 1/2 second clips from the video game, this movie is truly a feat. Videogame movies are a huge well to tap for bad films and there's no better place to start than House of the Dead. Sadly, I DO know how the movie was made. Uwe Boll is German, and uses a tax loophole in the German government that sponsors the arts. But maybe knowing that this money was funded by the national treasury of Germany will be comforting when you hear the narrator repeat lines just said by the actors.