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  1. Sirson

    Episode 195 — Making the Snow Angel

    Frosty seemed like a pretty chill guy.
  2. Sirson

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Extra episodes of CBB a month? All I can say is.. Thanks!
  3. Sirson

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    I think the segment should continue a good rift off the poker theme. Perhaps something like: Badbeats, Flushed , All In (Can stand up when this segment is announced and a mock pushing in all your chips) ,The Kicker
  4. Sirson

    A Brief Overview of the Characters

    Mildred is a little dwarf fighter, the mighty Shaman Ell Ryan's race is High Elf. (A Naked White Navi) as it's been described.
  5. Sirson

    Snubs and Flubs!

    eh the top 10 was pretty solid overall. I think a couple of episodes in there might've been slightly overrated due to a famous guest. Here are the 2 I voted for that didn't get in: 163 - Ken Marino - Burning Love Episode 177 - Key/Peele Bj Novak and Wyatt Cenac, all were super funny loved Key and Peele's characters
  6. Sirson

    Episode 3 — In Search of Gear

    I lost it hard pretty much from the time of the crit fail roll on the door, through the door stand by the shaman. Might've been the hardest I've ever laughed at a podcast, and I've listened to a lot of em. Brings back so many memmories of playing rpgs back in highschool and such.
  7. Sirson

    Episode 2 — Roll For Your Fate

    For the record I laughed so hard at this episode I had to pause it. "I put her in a sleeper.. it's an old soldier move guys" Man..
  8. Sirson

    Episode 193 — Best of 2012 Pt 2

    How dare you create this topic.. you just made me check my phone for the new ep.
  9. Sirson

    Episode 192 — Best of 2012 Pt 1

    I think the Best Bro Hang got voted in on the sheer power of the Sandburg name. Although that clip of Woody enjoying Entourage is a guilty pleasure. I was also a little disheartened that finger guns wasn't in the bottom 5, if Time Bobby isn't 1 or 2, I'm going to lose all my faith in humanity.. of those that vote on internet polls at least.
  10. Sirson

    Episode 177 — Penises Abounding

    Episode of the year so far.. or am I crazy? Wow awesome. Everyone was great.
  11. Sirson

    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    Let us remember the fable of the scorpion and frog, and let it heal us and teach us morals.
  12. Sirson

    Episode 172 — This is a Safe Zone

    Great plug song.