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  1. TheSean

    Episode 133.5 β€” Sklarbro County 38

    David's Vital (Vitale? idk- I am too lazy to google it... and who cares anyway. of course by now I could have googled and been back and avoided this pointless run on sentence) would be great with The Trump. Nice show guyz.
  2. I have set aside this specific time to contemplate potential problems related to this designated land... I have reservations for Comedy Bang! Bang!
  3. TheSean

    Episode 194 β€” Me Gusta Characters!

    That was strange to hear Delaware Destroyer's very own catch phrase to open the show!! Wow, this is certainly the best episode ever! Love Nick Kroll because he is both fun and funny... my eardrums are happy.
  4. TheSean

    Episode 86 β€” Conspiracies

    Couldn't make it through this one... is there a way to mute the guest? It would be great if there was an ongoing conversation with the invisible angry lady in the room... maybe a recurring character in the hatch. Sorry, look forward to the next!!
  5. Jeff Garlin was made for podcasting.
  6. TheSean

    Help! I don't like the music my son is listening to!

    I would suggest... just be there to listen and do things together while letting him grow into his own person. I have gone through many phases in my life... some more constructive than others. Along the way, anybody telling me "no" was a sure way for me to head straight toward that thing, regardless of whether it was something I was even all that interested in. You have to allow your kids some control in their own life. I believe giving freedom to explore is a gift parents owe their children. Otherwise, what happens when they really are out on their own having to face tough choices?
  7. The new year has me thinking of past failed resolutions... well, I've begun to re purpose some items around the house. Treadmill Clothes Hanger Health food door stopper Left over cigarette pencils Stack of books- book shelf well intentioned neglect cape So far, these are all more trouble than they are worth... except the neglect cape which is a keeper.
  8. TheSean

    Episode 83 β€” Mayans

    Well, I don't believe negativity is going to get us to the end of the world! C'mon, Matt Miller!!! Also, have you ever heard of "comedy"? It's an ancient Mayan word meaning... "it's funny because it's not necessarily true even though it sometimes is". Luckily I won't have to live with the repercussions of this comment since the world is ending in 2 days.. ha ha.
  9. I have a few podcast ailments as well: Crashing into TJ Hooker This Shriek with Scary Killer You farted! Smelmania Eardrop-ings Castlerats I also found some remedies/support groups I'd like to share: Swilling with Dentures Hour Improve 2 Humans: self help with Matt Better Professor Gets His Cast Off...
  10. TheSean

    Episode 19 β€” Keeping Your Cool

    We should all try to remember to let our little ones be their own person. They need us to be there to guide and help articulate their feelings. It is helpful to get into their level of experience... not expect them to come to ours. Finally, they need a loving guide in this world... that takes time and true attention.
  11. From impossibly specific vibrations of your ear drums creating language as interpreted by your brain... this is Comedy Bang Bang!
  12. TheSean

    Episode 125 β€” That’s So Schaal

    How do you think the Devil became the leader of the underworld?! He does it right... nothing sloppy with that guy. And... sounds like someone was making some Starbury Milkshakes... which is gross.
  13. Don't make me put your cuss words in my patented "Figure-4 Leg Lock".
  14. Sunken Lips Chapped Slips Disced Nips Loosely Shipped Lists Shaken Phlo-Bot's lobotomies Swift-wicker-sweatered Slick-buttered sweetened jelly buns Ringed Worm-Hole-a-Hooping Jumping Jack-and-Jilled Jenny Marbles Leaking Shower Bed-Head Fungal Inflection