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    Sweep. Stamp. Overrule.

  2. Osiristacleseus

    Episode 82.5 — 6/29/2012 TWO CHARTED 21

    I think the Summah Sirens/Sloppy Timmy problem will be this years summah scandal. Hopefully HKremer.com does not forget to tell the summah supplicants what's happening.
  3. Osiristacleseus

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    I think Scott Aukerman is an Andy Kaufman character.
  4. Osiristacleseus

    Episode 77 — Plant-Based Dick

    Too damn funny. Failing an eye test only the way Wie can. Opeth!
  5. Osiristacleseus

    New Cyber Thug Radio Episode!

    I love this show. I really hope it comes back on a more regular basis. Cyberthug Takeover!!