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  1. Andrea Streeter

    The First Annual HDTGM Awards

    Whoa, I had that same exact name idea earlier without even seeing this. If that doesn't cement it, I don't know what will.
  2. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    Just doodled a monkey heart. Not a monkey's heart.
  3. Andrea Streeter

    Best Friends Forever (Wompler Related)

    I finally marathon'd all 4 eps today and of course think it's freakin' amazing. So sad about the news. Come on, NBC. My mom even likes it. You shouldn't pull a show that both moms and comedy nerds like. For shame. #saveNBCBFF!!!
  4. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 73.5 — 4/27/12 TWO CHARTED 12

    Mint milk is a real thing where I live!
  5. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 154 — Finger Guns

    I love you, Marissa Wompler... but come on, NO time for Womp Up the Jamz, the podcast? Not even a twitter feed? Set aside some extracurriculars - THE WORLD NEEDS MORE WOMPLER.
  6. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 153 — Jing It Or Ding It!

    JING IT OR DING IT = Insta-classic. (Also, was that really the first time no one interrupted the WYR theme song? Amazing.) The whole second half was making me laugh so hard! But I was at work, so I was doing that thing where you silently hold in your laughs and look like a crazy person. Yeah. Kudos, CBB.
  7. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 151 — Fan Fiction

    I need to see some Scott/Fred fan fiction fan art, like, yesterday. "You don't have to believe me. You can believe my butt."
  8. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 150 — Time Bobby

    This was like a 'very special' episode of CBB... no games, no plugs. Amazing. Also, I drew ALW!
  9. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 68 — Flatstock

    Thank you, Who Charted, for alerting me to the existence of Flatstock. It sounds/looks amazing. Thanks also for the mental images of both Wolf Copter and Tiny Sexy Mouse.
  10. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    Woo, thanks all! I feel like all the blurbs would be from Andy Daly's other characters (may they rest in peace).
  11. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    The Poet Laureate of the West inspired me. PS: Earwolf must be a fancy place to have that many windows in one room. Especially ones so attractive to the depressed.
  12. All rise for the playing of the CBB theme song.
  13. Fonts! (Also, please hurry, this won't be relevant in a week.)