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  1. Welcome to Cumedy Bang Bang, Earwolf's first podcast porn parody
  2. There once was a dog that was hot. its catchphrase was spoken a lot. It soon was retired, and scott then conspired, to have new ones up be thought
  3. ethancushing

    If you were a guest on PB

    Hey Blastronauts, I've always wondered, if you, the avid listener of PB, found yourself as a guest/expert on the show, how would you handle yourself? What you do? Which games, bits, characters would you try tease out of Tig, Kyle, and David? With what seems like more and more fans actually becoming guests (Andrew Shaver, Andy Bishop) ... I was just curious what that would be like?
  4. ethancushing

    Episode 128 — Midwives

    I wish there was a scientific diagram of Crotch 5.
  5. "Fresh Prince of Plug Air" by Ethan Cushing (with apologies to Quincy Jones) For the plugs section of Comedy Bang Bang https://soundcloud.c...nce-of-plug-air
  6. ethancushing

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    Thanks RobinH! I was flipping out when Scott started reading it!
  7. Hey everybody, no catchphrase this week. I decided not to do one and I promise that what I'm saying right now is not a catchphrase. No matter what I say after this, I promise you this isn't a catchphrase. Even if my next sentence is, "That was a catchphrase submitted by ethancushing", I swear to you, it isn't.