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  1. How many times is Todd going to interrupt a scene to direct it? I'm about to find out.

    (I adore Todd and his podcast. The above is not meant to be dickish.)

    I know exactly what you mean, I mean sometimes on his podcast he'll just declare "Ok, that bit's over", or he'll start directing it and make the guest do it in 50 different ways. That's really what makes the Todd Glass Show so awesome to me. I'm curious as to how he'll be on here.

  2. Β 

    I never believe people on the internet when they say they "hate to say it", do you REALLY hate to say it? Kinda feel like you maybe might like saying it a little bit.


    I honestly do, I love Maron, I love WTF, I enjoy the Long Shot podcast, I just can't for the life of me figure out why a podcast were his cats have a conversation would exist...