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  1. I'm not looking for Edgar Wright, I'm looking for Edgar Wright now! Welcome to CBB #240 titled "#TheWorldsEnd", I am your host Scott Aukerman, goodnight.
  2. afacewithaview

    Thank You So Much...

    Thank you so much for that catchphrase submission, afacewithaview. If you want to submit a catchphrase, go to the earwolf forums and post in the appropriate thread.
  3. afacewithaview

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    CBB Oh Na Na remix: New No No
  4. afacewithaview

    Episode 150 — Time Bobby

    Moynihan is great! His episodes always sends me into giggles. He + PFT doubly so. It just proves once again that SNL is a place where originality dies a little no matter what talent they have.
  5. afacewithaview

    Plugs Theme!

    oops having trouble here, guess it wasn't meant to be
  6. afacewithaview

    Plugs Theme!

    Here's mine, hope you like it!
  7. afacewithaview

    Episode 144 — Clones and Oliver Stones

    I'm Mr. Manager.
  8. afacewithaview

    Episode 143 — Grammy Spectacular

    What is this, another present for me?......I can't have this present before I eat my meal! I have listened to this part three times now and I still break up laughing
  9. afacewithaview

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    ok but it still wasn't a good mix. way too much screaming and blaring of the audio once his character comes in. I love Tim and Eric (especially the Jim and Derrick episode) and I think Adomian can be hilarious (Jesse Ventura w/ Ice-Tea was legendary), I just felt it was a misfire.
  10. afacewithaview

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    Great episode! You truly do make the work day go by faster!
  11. afacewithaview

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    I felt the Adomian character was a little too abrasive for a Tim and Eric episode. I didn't feel like it was a good mix, there needed to be something more low key for them to be weird to like a Bob Ducca or Harris.
  12. afacewithaview

    Episode 7 — Ronna and Beverly

    I have yet to listen to this but I greatly enjoyed the CBB appearance and will check this out soon. There's one thing that's been bothering me that I wanted to share and since the CBB board is so off topic I thought I'd post it here: One of you (can't tell you apart yet, sorry) asked if Kulap was from one of those cultures that saved spiders when in fact Judaism is one of those cultures. When King Saul was after David, he sent men after the future king. David hid in a cave and the King's guards eventually found the cave but before they could go in, a giant spider spun many webs at the entrance. When they finally got to the cave, they saw what looked like years of unbroken webs and decided that it was impossible for David to have entered the cave without breaking the webs. Because of this help, it is considered good luck in the Jewish culture, to save a spider whenever you can especially when it's just lost in your home.
  13. I may be fly but I don't fly like that!