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  1. Why would newcomers from the TV show not get that there's characters on the podcast? There's characters on the TV version.


    It's been a bit of an odd run of episodes lately, Bob Zmuda not really being Tony Clifton, Adam Pally not really committing to being bro a few weeks ago. Before that, Tim Heidecker as himself but as a character version of himself, and last week the Burning Love episode was a bit different because it's characters from a pre-existing show. This isn't a criticism of those episodes at all, it's just that they're all slightly atypical first episodes for someone to listen to.

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  2. See but I'd always thought there was supposed to be a logical explanation to all of God's laws, it might not necessarily be to do with hygiene, but usually the reason for the laws was that it was that it would be the best way to live your life and you'd be happier if you did.


    At least that's what my christian upbringing taught.

  3. I love Aukerman's awkward improvisations, like questioning Danielle on the fact that wearing a Nazi uniform contradicts the fact that she was the one telling them the nazi's were coming. Most improvisers probably wouldn't bother to question that and would just ignore it, but Scott makes them explain in ultra-specific detail.

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    Yes, there's always plenty of energy with Paul, but it rarely seems genuine. It feels more like refocused contempt for the audience. I'm not a hater, and I don't think I'm projecting here, I just get a vibe from him like he doesn't really enjoy what he's doing.


    What the fuck are you talking about?

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  5. I've found it's much better to listen to this show very late at night, in the dark. You really want to block out any external distractions. Although it didn't matter so much for this one since it doesn't quite have the same atmosphere live. Is there going to be a film version released as well? I'd be happy to pay for it.



    I often find several elements of Gelmania to be inspired, but the thing that I can never really figure out is how much of the "Brett Gelman persona" is genuine. I mean, here's a guy who comes across as a somewhat deranged borderline personality who is self-aware enough to be able to mine his derangement for a fearless type of comedy, but seems generally unable to rein it in enough to join the ranks of the "normos." This self-presentation is fairly consistent across time and space. Is this a fabricated "character?" A heightened version of reality? A genuine reflection of his true personality? I don't know.


    Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the WTF one-on-one interview to find out.


    Well his appearances outside of this show and Comedy Bang Bang suggest to me he's perfectly amiable guy. Seems to have quite a self-deprecating sense of humor, unlike the podcast character who has huge delusions of grandeur, pretty much to the point of having a messiah complex. So I wouldn't say that part is anything like his true personality.


    Cyrus deserves more credit than he gets for this show, always really like the production and music, so it was extra impressive hearing that stuff performed live.

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  6. I was delighted that Adomian brought back his Hitchens impression at the end, always thought that was one of his most underrated characters.


    Sidebar - I don't know if Earwolf staff are aware the mp3's in itunes haven't been tagged properly for a couple of weeks now. The artist used to be tagged as Earwolf, now they've been coming up under unknown artist.


    Happy Anniversary!


    P.S. Click "like" if you guys listened all the way through the end of the episode! (That's right, there's more after "the wolf dead!")


    Like this post if you did listen to the end, but don't want to indulge this cynical attempt to get lots of liked post ratings ;)

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    Part of me wonders, though, why it was even necessary for him to do a character in the first place. I know that the real person/weirdo dynamic is this show's primary format (especially since becoming CBB), but considering Seth and Ed's work history together I think it could have still been a great episode just to hear Scott interacting with both of these guys as real people. Even if it was just a "Broin' Out" style chat, I'm sure everyone involved here could deliver the funny. There are some episodes from the CDR era that did this really well, like the one with Chris Hardwick and Matthew Braunger or the one with Chelsea Peretti and Nick Thune; I would love to see that kind of thing pop up occasionally at some point in the future.



    Yeah I thought it would have been fine if they'd just had a non-character episode. It worked out great as it was, but there's other ways they could have gone with it and it probably also would have been good.


    Basically I just hope Scott doesn't feel obligated to always have the show stick to a certain format. Some of my favorite episodes are where things don't follow the usual format, and end up being a bit unpredictable and random.

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