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  1. bissacbrown

    What Horror Movies Should The Gang Do In October?

    Fear dot com Is a really bad movie. I only saw it once when I was twelve do I can't remember if its fun to watch, but it is terrible.
  2. bissacbrown

    Episode 33.5 — Minisode 33.5

    I'm fine with the interview but maybe it should be labeled different then a minisode.
  3. bissacbrown

    Episode 85 — Sklarwood Luncheon 2012

    When the Clippers stop sucking you got to get back to sucking. Best line ever!
  4. bissacbrown

    Episode 5 — 3/9/12 TWO CHARTED

    Is there a way to add links to some of Howard and kulap's charts. That would find stuff easier.
  5. bissacbrown

    Ed (1996)

    Besides the monkey playing baseball, a plot point revolves around a coin sitting on it's edge.