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  1. GOZU

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    If only...sigh...
  2. GOZU

    Miami Connection (1987)

    I OWN this movie. There are so many movies from the 80's and 90's that fail to live up to the promise of their absurd concept. This is not one of those movies. "Gymkata" WISHES it had this film's level of commitment. And despite how bad the writing and acting are, everyone is giving it their all and I"ll be damned if the fights aren't actually pretty damn good. This is like a martial arts "Streets of Fire" that was willed into existence by a Tae Kwon Do instructor with a dream.
  3. GOZU

    Virtuosity (1995)

    I still really want them to do this.. That is all.
  4. GOZU

    Spring Breakers

    It's kind of like "Birthday Song: The Movie."
  5. Full disclosure: I don't think this entirely qualifies as a bad movie. It's well shot, well acted (especially James Franco, this might be the best performance of his career...as a wannabe gangster rapper/drug dealer named Alien), has tons of clever visual gags (including a weird call back to the "Reindeer Games" whiskey gun, in that one of the girls literally has a squirt gun filled with whiskey) and has a lot to say about American excess that I think is dead-on. However, "Spring Breakers" is 100% certifiably bonkers. Imagine if you combined "Drive" with "Piranha 3D" and took out all the fish. It's pretentious, full of Terrence Malick style voice-overs, random cutaways to topless beach girls having a really great time in slow motion (either to provide a counterpoint to the story's violence and grit or they just needed to fill some space), and just so weirdly put together the whole time you're not really convinced you're actually seeing what's happening in front of your eyes. So if you've ever wanted to see a Martin Scorcese-style montage of brutal violence set to Britney Spears, then this is the movie for you.
  6. Let's get back on track: this movie is ridiculous. I would suggest having Uwe Boll as a guest but he tends to punch his critics, so that could get ugly.
  7. GOZU

    The Craft (1996)

    I love this movie and still have cuts from the soundtrack on my iPhone. That said, yes, it would be perfect for this show.
  8. GOZU

    Hobo with a Shotgun

    "The bear is a solitary animal. They like their space. They live in a magic circle. They don’t mind if you’re like a mile away, but if you get inside their circle they will maul you. If a bear’s claw would ever strike your face, it would take your whole face right off your skull. Your eyes, your nose, your everything. And you would die from it. Animals… There is something else about bears that not many people know. If a bear gets hooked on the taste of human blood, he becomes a man killer. He’ll go on a rampage, and has to be destroyed. That’s why you should never hug a bear." - Rutger Hauer, Hobo With a Shotgun.
  9. GOZU

    Congo (1995)

    I can't believe "Congo" hasn't already been on "How Did This Get Made." I love this movie and am proud to say I own the DVD (best five dollars I ever spent). From the author of "Jurassic Park" and screenwriter of "Moonstruck" and "Joe vs. The Volcano."
  10. "Battle for Endor" features a heartbreaking cameo by the Principal Vernon from "The Breakfast Club."
  11. GOZU

    Virtuosity (1995)

    I loved this movie as a kid. It's like "Jonny Mnemonic" meets "Demolition Man." Cameo by Traci Lords, who also contributed to the soundtrack (which is actually a lot better than the film itself).
  12. GOZU

    Commando (1985)

    "Remember, Sully, when I promised to you last?" "That's right, Matrix, you did!" "I lied."
  13. GOZU

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    "I DUDDITZ!" This movie is literally insane.