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  1. happyamosfun

    Episode 316 — In the Larp Run

    Niles Fortchime.
  2. happyamosfun

    Episode 127 — Luck

    Lil Quilts!
  3. happyamosfun

    Episode 122 — Religious Science

    Much better, NotBetty. I do feel like it's still missing something, though. How's this?
  4. happyamosfun

    Episode 120 — Live from Portland / Law

    I was there, and while it's true a few of the crowd members were being penises, I felt like it generally had a great energy, and most of the people there were just as pissed at the douche bags as you all. I think it was just a matter of a few people having a few too many drinks (I know I did), but we all had a blast(off) and the guys (AG) were freakin' top notch.
  5. happyamosfun

    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    A+ #1 Boffo BO
  6. happyamosfun

    Episode 155 — Fingerbang Lindbergh

    Sounds like I'm famous this week. Who wants to help me reach rock bottom before next Monday?
  7. Mine has yet to be played, big D. You can call me Amos Hunter
  8. happyamosfun

    Episode 47 — Samari

    You guys. I just found the Swamp Rock guy in this old soul tune. Seriously, it's uncanny. He comes in around 00:50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMB-h7KTjhg&feature=youtu.be&t=50s
  9. happyamosfun

    Episode 39 — Free For All: NTK

    Holy god Spanish riddler is amazing.
  10. ...does your body still feel bootylicious?
  11. Here's a new one (my first submission!) Thanks, Dustin! -Amos