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  1. Pants Masterson

    Best of 2016 Pt. 2

    I am proud to say that -- to the best of my knowledge -- I gave "Please Don't Joke About I, Robot This Christmas" its international radio debut on the morning of December 24, on CFRC, 101.9FM in Kingston, Ontario, on the WAFFLES! Christmas Spectacular. https://audio.cfrc.ca/archives/2016-12-24-09.mp3 I of course mangled the name because I was in a mad rush to clip the audio and dump it onto a USB key before heading out the door that morning. Sorry, Scott/Paul/Eban!
  2. Pants Masterson

    Episode 452 - Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    I was compelled to do this:
  3. I mean, money is money, but these Oxy Bump commercials... sheesh. I thought it was a joke product at first, but apparently it's a "real" product, by which I mean it is something that you can exchange money for in a store.
  4. Pants Masterson

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    There are 8+ billion people in the world, so I think it's safe to say that you're not the only one. I like Peaches, but her music is definitely more niche than the other musical guests this year -- I've loved them all, especially Diane Coffee, but DC and American Football fit nicely into the wide swath of "indieish rock" while Peaches is pretty much firing off into Knob-Twiddling Electro-Raunch, so I'd expect people to run hot and cold on her a bit more than with the other two.
  5. Pants Masterson

    Episode 324 — Golden Duchess Cruise Lines

    I love how people who culturally control the conversation 99.99% of the time completely freak out when somebody asks them to knock something off in one tiny, marginal, almost untrafficked part of the Internet. Yes, you've been silenced all your life. My heart bleeds. None have ever felt the pain you've felt in being politely asked not to reduce people down to whether or not you think they're attractive; no great banned work of literature has ever left such a scar on our culture as your being gently dissuaded from reducing humans to physical assets on a comedy forum. I don't understand how you keep going. Your strength. Your nobility in the face of such a threat as this. None may measure up. You are all truly titans of intellectual freedom.
  6. Pants Masterson

    What guest do you want to see?

    I don't care who the guest is as much as who the character is: all I want is to get some Rob Ford up in my Comedy Bang! Bang!.
  7. Pants Masterson

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    I've been anti-Tim on the forums before -- the whole anti-comedy thing just isn't my bag, and I find it drags the show down -- but I loved this week's episode. I think my problem previously has been Scott and a guest being into it and Tim being anti-into-it, but Scott and Jon and Tim seemed to hit a really great sincere/insincere sweet spot with this episode. Even "breaking" WYR, which is something I usually find tedious and precious from a guest (yes, games are foolish, yes, you're so much cleverer than everyone else in the room) was awesome this time out, because everyone was pretty much in sync with kicking the premise to death.
  8. Pants Masterson

    Engineering question for your board op...

    Probably somebody has already thought of this, but does your board have the capacity to cue sound while recording other sounds? I notice a lot of "in the room, out of the room, covering ears" business, and if you just have people who aren't in the conversation keep their headphones on and switch the headphones to the cue channel, while running a line on the board with some music on the same cue channel, while Sark and his partner have a short 'phones-off conversation, it would make everything a bit more... elegant. This is clear in my head but hard to put into words -- we used to be able to do this in radio, where I could have a song playing on-air, but switch the headphones to Cue, certain board channels to the Cue channel, and have completely different sound being listened to on the headphones than the sound we were broadcasting (in your case, recording). Obviously not great for prolonged absences, but for a "hey Sark can I ask you something in private" sort of situation, like both Brian and Gerry found themselves in in today's ep, it could be a good answer to speed things along.
  9. Hollywood Dates, Hollywood Knives!
  10. Previously, on Comedy Bang Bang:
  11. Pants Masterson

    TWO new PFT inspired shirts now in the Earwolf Store!

    F, Freedom is something Americans enjoy despite Barack Hussein Obamacare, and they can exercise that freedom by buying this shirt;
  12. Pants Masterson

    "Don't forget Ray Romano!"

    This conversation is not very flattering to Ray Romano.
  13. Pants Masterson

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Yes, they did, and that was why Blackie couldn't carry Amarth's body up to the rest of the group after he had impacted into a railing with the force of one million meteors. I was wondering what effect Levitate would have to mitigate the fall if Blackie had managed to intercept Amarth. If his limit was 100 lbs./level and Amarth weighed just over that limit, could they have fallen a lot more slowly or guided themselves into a passageway with minimal harm, or... ? The apparent answer, though, is that there's no flex in Levitate for "hey this is over the limit but we're going to apply as much Levitate as we can to this," it's more "this is over the limit, so no Levitate for you," so either Blackie would have let him fall or they both would have died horribly anyway.
  14. Pants Masterson

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    I was curious enough about what would have happened if Blackie had been under Amarth that I asked the boffins at Stack Exchange about it. No replies yet, but I'm interested in seeing what would (theoretically) have happened if Blackie had been in a position to break, slow, or direct Amarth's fall. http://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/29360/what-happens-to-a-levitating-character-catching-something-heavy-in-dd
  15. Pants Masterson

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Is it weird that I was expecting this, a bit, after the whole "leaping on the elevator" business from the previous episode and Sark's stern warning that "sometimes it's the most mundane things that get you"? Were this all pre-written, I'd accuse the gang of clunky foreshadowing, but I think the near-fail on the elevator door and then the total fail on the rope climb -- both Amarth -- made the rope fall kind of fitting in a weird way. You can't cheat the Mundane Reaper more than once, my friend.