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    Oh the tales that these walls could tell. Inside these walls boys became men, dreams were dreamed, and dreams were crushed. They'd speak of a certain stunned silence of a post coital cigarette smoke on the fire-escape that she called a balcony as men left out the back exit, just as quickly as they came. But these walls don't give up their secrets, no ; they can be trusted fast-and-true. No these walls ain't talking! The only shame is no one can ever know there's a hero in this heroin junkie heroine. If anything should bear witness to her resilience it would be her lace push-up. For like herself, pretty but well worn. Should that little red number speak of it's supporting role in this drama, people would reply honestly, and solemnly; "Cool story, Brah"
  2. An Oregon trail like adventure where Bob Ducca has to travel from Castaic, CA to bakersfield in a station wagon, he has to stock up on trader joes yogurt pretzels, and other and avoid falling ill to his many ailments and allergies
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    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    I can maybe explain the opening scene a little bit because most people probably won't get what it is a reference to and don't get why there is an asian businessman on a boat Like much of the film there are these poorly rendered, ham-fisted, environmentalist references dropped in. On the deck of the ship they cut off a shark fin. Then the businessman takes a sip from a bowl. That is supposed to be sharkfin soup, a delicacy in asia. Traditionally it served at weddings as a status symbol. What they do is catch sharks by the thousands, cut off only the fins, then sell the fins for a really high price in fish markets. This has made some sought after species of sharks really, really endangered (among other causes). They discuss the million dollars because that is what the film writers think the shark fins would be worth. Really, 20,000 sharks would be worth tens of millions. The shark fin trade has become a favorite "legitimate" racket for organized crime in asia. That is why there is a crime element with the gun and such. So now you know all about what that scene was really supposed to mean.
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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    You don't have to watch the whole thing, just a 30 second clip from any spot will give you the gist of the video