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  1. Thanks for an amazing live show! Can't wait for you to visit Toronto again. Governor Buscemi!
  2. tricklessmagician

    Return to Oz (1985)

    Wow, just saw this and it was a doozie. hard to believe that this was made for kids, what with all the crazy creep head swapping and electro-shock therapy of a child. The fact that the IMDb FAQ is undecided about whether this can even be considered a sequel should give an idea of the wild tonal shift from Wizard of Oz. Would make for a fun episode.
  3. tricklessmagician

    Samurai Cop (1991)

    It's hard to believe this movie has yet to feature on HDTGM. Truly one of the most entertaining bad movies I have ever seen, and one of few that I can watch over and over again. It just never stops giving, from the Japanese villain inexplicably played with a Mexican accent, awful dialogue, continuity errors in virtually every frame, cringe worthy sex scenes and some of the best bad line readings I have ever seen (the dinner scene is my favorite - see here ). Highly recommended.
  4. Great episode. The guesses on Gabriel Byrne's salary were pretty close - according to the internet he was paid $811,688 for his role in this. Source: http://networthtomb.com/gabriel-byrne-net-worth-endorsement-actor/
  5. tricklessmagician

    Lockout (2012)

    Oh wow, just watched this one today. They HAVE to do it! Best worst movie in a while. Favorite scene has got to be the motorcycle chase near the beginning; those effects gave me flashbacks of The Last Starfighter.
  6. tricklessmagician

    Avatar (2009)

    Have to agree. Wanted to walk out of this one pretty much from the get go, but managed to stick it out to the end. Aside from some dazzling visuals of Pandora, this movie was just unbearable. Would love to hear the How Did This Get Made team tear it apart.
  7. tricklessmagician

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    There's a line in this that kind of sums up a feeling that sets in a few minutes after it starts: "Jesus-Christ-bananas, some fuckaroo this is turning into." Gotta do this movie.
  8. tricklessmagician

    Seeking Justice

    Will Nicholas Cage ever make another good movie? I hope not. Nicholas Cage plays a high school teacher who gets involved in a revenge scheme after his wife is brutally assaulted. This might be the worst revenge flick ever made. Cage is looking pretty desperate here, sporting terrible facial hair, crazy eyes, a New Orleans accent in one (1) line of dialogue but otherwise not bothering. The best scenes, though, are his amazing, completely unwarranted freak-outs (which start before he is even asked to kill anyone). The film is just one preposterous scene after another, and Cage pulls double-time on the overacting, possibly to make up for January Jones (her performance is so wooden it could be called petrified). Top it all off with intense music cues in virtually every scene and you've got a real winner.
  9. tricklessmagician

    Cool As Ice

    Looks amazing, can't wait to watch this one. Aw yeahhh.
  10. tricklessmagician

    Kickboxer (1989)

    Before he was JCVD, he was Kickboxer. With a tagline like "If your enemy refuses to be humbled...Destroy Him!" you know you're in for a treat. From underwater training to amazing dance moves, all set to a blend of 1980s rock and Thai pan flutes, this is the crown jewel of bad Van Damme films.