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  1. @ChunkStyle I heard that actress has got famous parents too.
  2. OliverGatalo

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    It was an all time best for me when you talked about this being a classic cable TV movie, because that is exactly what this movie is to me. This and Maximum Overdrive, so your discussion was like the perfect coda to this incredible two episode nostalgia trip. I love you guys. You are all invited whenever I get married. I was hoping that Tatiana would mention this as a classic for her because it was on Canadian TV that it always aired in the afternoon, but maybe Regina local access TV had rights to different shitty movies. Anyway, I have an omission. How about that part where Kevin is trying to recall the tune, but can't concentrate because the swelling music score is actually diegetic, so they laser blast the loud speaker? Hilarious. That's got to the first time that was a thing. To
  3. OliverGatalo

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    I think we need to all address the elephant in the room. You need to do Samurai Cop! Here are the reasons why: 1. It's really bad 2. It stars Robert Z'Dar as the villian, and he's supposed to be Japanese. 3. Robert Z'Dar has a sex scene. 4. Matt Hannon, the protagonist, is probably attainable as a guest. The Red Letter Media guys were able to interview him, and he's trying to promote the sequel. 5. I have it on good authority that he was once Sylvester Stallone's bodyguard. That's reason enough! I'm going to send a copy to the Earwolf studios. Everyone will agree that once you watch it you will not be able to ignore it. I also suggest Red Heat.
  4. OliverGatalo

    Episode 25 — Bro Down

    How can us, the fans, help you get Cochran as a guest on your show? I could start up another Kickstarter if you like.
  5. OliverGatalo

    Episode 23 — They Got Me At Debauchery

    What a strong last 20 minutes you guys, but I kept expecting you to segue into international reality shows: You know, the winners of the talent programs actually have careers afterwards in Korea, and Japan.
  6. OliverGatalo

    Episode 22 - Damn Girl

    I don't watch reality TV, because it makes me horribly uncomfortable, but I love the podcast, because Sean and Hayes are a couple of solid dudes. That being said, I recently got into Canadian Big Brother, because a friend of mine is a PA for it and I was hoping for some dirt. No dirt yet, but I was blown away about the shows format. Last week, the extraordinary sociopath Tom was eliminated 8 votes to 1, and he had to leave the house and sit for an interview. As he was leaving, it was edited as if the house members were at least a little upset about screwing the guy over, but the live studio audience was laughing as if it were a sitcom taping making the scene incredibly surreal. Tom then had an interview and watched every house members parting words. They weren't kind words, and Tom had to sit there in front of a studio audience, and in front of a camera, listening to this and forcing a positive reaction for the camera. It was like watching someone force a smile when his foot is being beaten with a hammer. Probably the most uncomfortable endeavour I have seen filmed, and it was amazing. I have a couple of questions: is this the format of the American version of the show, and why isn't this the biggest thing on TV?
  7. OliverGatalo

    Episode 22 - Damn Girl

    Hey don't sell Katherine Webb short! Did you know her twitter is worth $23482, and she has several celebrity followers such as LeBron James? Well wikipedia does. It should also be noted that the day after the game "AJ McCarron Girlfriend" was one of the highest trending topics on google. Of course, no one could have learned her name by that point. Happy Birthday Hayes Davenport.
  8. OliverGatalo

    Episode 18 — Fake Girl Voice

    No, NO! Jason Bateman was NOT in Couples Retreat! He was filming Tropic Thunder, and I'm no expert on time travel @sweatysoul, but how can a person be in two places at once? My cousin is Justine Bateman's assistant, so I think I would know!
  9. OliverGatalo

    Episode 116.5 — 2/22/13 TWO CHARTED 55

    This was my favourite episode of Two Charted. Howard was on point!
  10. OliverGatalo


    I was originally going to suggest Nighthawks with Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams, but then I cam across a trailer for this movie on YouTube, and this amazing character work from Al Pacino This movie looks phenomenally bad, and outdated.
  11. OliverGatalo

    Episode 16 — That's My Fan Club

    I had a theory about that "smalls" nickname, and I went to Rap Genius and read every single Notorious B.I.G. lyric, because one of his aliases was Biggie Smalls. Nothing. I then went through Tupac Shakur's tracks, because they had that famous rivalry, and still came up with nothing. I then went through all of Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s tracks, and STILL I couldn't find a decent connection. Sorry guys, I really wish I could have helped you out with this one.
  12. OliverGatalo

    Episode 55.5 — Minisode 55.5

    How are you going to be able to discuss this movie in just an hour?
  13. OliverGatalo

    Lockout (2012)

    Holy moly, this movie deserves to be on the podcast.
  14. OliverGatalo

    Episode 14 — I Love Pizza

    The interview was everything you promised and more!
  15. OliverGatalo

    Episode 13 — Neither Did Kristen Though

    No way! I know Frank from how you mythologized him, and how big a deal this is. I hope you asked him if he remembers Dave Holmes.