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    Episode 119 โ€” Denying the Magic

    I hate myself for doing this, but as a huge Broncos fan, I must. John Elway doesn't own the team. He's the VP of football operations and he went to 5 Super Bowls. Now I'm gonna go make fun of myself for doing this for about 3 hrs.
  2. Amy3125

    My Father the Hero (1994)

    A young Katherine Heigl, Gerard Depardieu, and lots of implied statutory rape by a father = hilarious family comedy My Father the Hero (1994): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110612/
  3. I couldn't care less about how Carolla feels about women in comedy debate, but this episode was exactly what I expected. Carolla was marginally racist, marginally homophobic, marginally sexist, and only marginally funny. Glad I'm not the only one underwhelmed by him.
  4. Great show this week! Always glad to hear Hamm on anything. The sexiness is evident even through pure audio. Speaking of audio... Can we PLEASE stop the Sklarbitration themes? They were funny once, but they're too long and I don't need to hear the Marx Bros. named one by one or a bad Bob Seger impression anymore.
  5. Dennis Quaid at his most inscestiously creepy, and therefore best. Winona Ryder as gum-popping southern jailbait. Jerry Lee Lewis music. Simply a masterpiece of shit.
  6. Amy3125

    Episode 34.5 โ€” Minisode 34.5

    Smashmouth is awful and they ruined "Why can't we be friends?" Song's by WAR.
  7. Amy3125

    Episode 81 โ€” Super Bowl Roast

    Making fun of a cute event trying to get shelter animals adopted and recycling Super Bowl twitter jokes? Not the greatest set of first takes you guys have done. Jeselnik's roast stories were great though!