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  1. neilly

    Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance

    I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more traction by the HDTGM World. It's got Tommy "You're Tearing Me Apart" Wiseau for godssake!
  2. My wife, who is a novice listener at best, said after watching this (ahem) program: "If there was a How Did This Get Made? award, this should be the winner". I thought that was an apt comment.
  3. neilly

    Episode 125.5 - Minisode 125.5

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THIS? I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Wookie civilization; but, this is bananas-stupid!
  4. neilly

    EPISODE 122.5 - Minisode 122.5

    For me, I'd say Mac and Me. I feel like it was that ep that they kind of got their stride. Plus Adam Pally's awesome (oh ABC, how dumb you and your middle America audience are for not recognizing comedic genius with Happy Endings). But I digress, also Jingle All The Way comes to mind (is that considered underrated??). Oh and pretty much any ep with PFT (Smurfs?? Oh Smurfs, where did you go off to? Funny little Smurfs always disappearing.)
  5. neilly

    EPISODE 122.5 - Minisode 122.5

    John Laroquette was yet again the uncredited narrator for LifeForce. I say yet again because he was also uncredited as the narrator for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He claims to be paid for his TCM work with a single joint. I'm guessing since this was the 80's and adjusting for inflation, he received an eight ball for his narration for this one.
  6. neilly

    EPISODE 122.5 - Minisode 122.5

    Grampa chiming in once again. Why cant I "quote" from another post? I've tried it on my desktop at work and nothing gets copied and pasted at bottom. Can someone more tech savvy let me know what this ol' curmudgeon is doing wrong?
  7. neilly

    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    Oops, that above was an accidental quote post.
  8. neilly

    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    I haven't listened to the entire podcast yet (I had to skedaddle to work), but I had a question and not sure if they ended up discussing this: The creepy brother had an English accent, right? But, his TWIN SISTER didn't? Maybe I didn't hear her inflection properly or something...Also, how did the dude in the sauna get killed? Was that a piece of the wood from the sauna bed, or from the wall or something?
  9. neilly

    EPISODE 121.5 - Minisode 121.5

    For some reason my Quote function wont let me tag taylorannephoto's question of what would we be for Halloween; anyway, I would be John Travolta's character in Battlefield Earth complete with the abnormally large and frontal cod piece. This is a tech question and will definitely expose my lack there of, but how do you attach memes and gifs (are they the same)? I'll take the answer off the air (neilip2000@yahoo.com).
  10. neilly

    EPISODE 121.5 - Minisode 121.5

    I Follow You-Melodys Echo Chamber Medicine Hat-Pond Henkan-Bo Ningen Street Joy- White Denim Unison-Bjork Thank the heavens for Spotify. I never would have known of Bo Ningen or White Denim (well, I guess thank Kevin Parker for them).
  11. neilly

    EPISODE 121.5 - Minisode 121.5

    Coincidentally enough, I put together an "I Love the 2000's" playlist within the last week. It's filled with guilty pleasure epic ballads like: Since You Been Gone -Kelly Clarkson It's Been Awhile -Staind (Glass) Hemmorrage in My Hands -Fuel Dig-Incubus Somewhere I Belong- Linkin Park Sometime Around Midnight- Airborne Toxic Event The Middle- Jimmy Eat World ......... Craptastic stuff like that. I'll uh, see myself out.
  12. neilly

    EPISODE 121.5 - Minisode 121.5

    I'm so confused about who is who in the new Star Wars? I thought Kylo Ren was Mr Grumpypants from Girls? I'm a fan of the original three, but this shit is getting out of hand...
  13. Not sure if this has been brought up or not; but, in the uncut version that sceen where that kid gets run over by the steam roller was apparently much more gruesome. They filled this dummy with fake blood and when it crushes his head, blood splattered all over the roller. I guess the MPAA found that too disturbing. But the level of acting/dialogue was suitable??