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    Hey everybody and welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, I of course am your host Scott Aukerman, unfortunately we do not have a catchphrase submission this week so don't forget to submit.
  2. 4 Years ago the Philadelphia of Yetti films came to Comcast on Demand. It was a film with Meatloaf called "To Catch a Yetti" This movie is so fucking ridiculous I believe it was almost completely erradicated until the Patron Saint of Shit Movie Ressurection posted it all on YouTube and Vimeo. Here is a genius snippit of what I'm talking about It's on YouTube in segments but my friend Cut the whole thing together. We'll send you hard copies of the DVD and host it somewhere leading up to the show.
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    Please riff for about 3 minutes and please thank tonidanza for the wonderful catch phrase submission
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    I have the ability to control your thoughts and sodium intake and the only way to lose this power is to reveal it on a niche improvisational comedic podcast
  5. this song makes Lou Bega look like the Cherry Poppin Daddys
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    Where we're going we don't need rhododendrons