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  1. MatthewTrumbo

    Earwolf Hoodies

    Aaaaw yeaa!! I might not be able to order until next Friday, hope there'll still be some =o/
  2. MatthewTrumbo

    Earwolf Hoodies

    So, I still see these in the shop...are they available again?!
  3. Plugs Theme: http://soundcloud.com/m4ttch/plugs-ugh Closing Up The Plug Bag Remix: http://soundcloud.co...plug-bag-mattch Hope you enjoy!
  4. Whoa, aaay...Marc Maron! Open those gates!! Marc Maron must be said with Italian accent, of course
  5. MatthewTrumbo

    Episode 90 — Doom-Wop

    My rap name is Khaki Cracker! And yea that Nick guy was an annoying guest. Seems really full of himself, etc. Bleh!
  6. MatthewTrumbo

    Episode 81.5 — 6/22/2012 TWO CHARTED 20

    I love Sloppy Timmy I MEAN Summah Sirens!! =oP
  7. MatthewTrumbo

    Episode 7 — Gelmania VII

    LOL! Can't believe I listened to that whole ending. I caught myself rocking back and forth in my cubicle, clutching my phone, repeating quietly: "This can't be it...noo...noooo..."
  8. MatthewTrumbo

    Episode 74.5 — 5/4/12 TWO CHARTED 13

    Is there anything more adorable than Kulap trying to figure out WTF (with Marc Maron) Howard is talking about?! I think not.
  9. MatthewTrumbo

    Episode 74.5 — 5/4/12 TWO CHARTED 13

    I absolutely feel Howard when it comes to 7/11. It's getting ridiculous!!
  10. MatthewTrumbo

    Earwolf Hoodies

    Haha, yea I realized shortly after my last post that we're talking specifically So. Cal. weather >_<
  11. MatthewTrumbo

    Earwolf Hoodies

    OK. Yea I figured if you did get more made that it wouldn't be until around the same time of the year as the last batch. PLEASE consider! I think there would be enough buyers to warrant making some more!
  12. MatthewTrumbo

    Earwolf Hoodies

    I apologize in advance if this has already been asked and answered, I just couldn't find it anywhere. Will there be another run of Earwolf Hoodies made anytime in the future?
  13. MatthewTrumbo

    Order Status Question!

    Very cool, I will. Thank you! =D
  14. MatthewTrumbo

    Order Status Question!

    How long does it typically take to "fulfill" an order? I placed an order on April 27th. I realize that was only a few days ago, I'm just inquiring as to how long it generally takes as there was no timeframe given at time of order. Thank you! -Matthew