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  1. Decided to look up Larry Mullen Sr's boy because of the physical release's album cover, and the second result to come up was "Larry Mullen Jr. Net Worth". I think going over the net worth of each of the four members of the rock band U2 would be a great way to learn a little about them (plus it would help the listeners really nail down the band member names).
  2. derekahc

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    Hey guys, I won't weigh in on the Chris Gore part because I haven't listend to the whole episode, but I'd like to make the point that "podcuddle" is something of a slogan of the Walking the Room podcast (with Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt). KuWee didn't know of it, I'm sure, but it was a rather disappointing surprise when I saw the guest was Chris Gore instead of Dave and Greg. Speaking of Walking the Room, though.. make sure to give that show a listen, and maybe try to get the two of them on WC? !
  3. Got a couple nickname suggestions, as seen above and repeated here: Brat Wursterman, Scott Talcumpowder. It's a sausage party with Brat Wursterman!