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  1. dilkington

    Jeff Q&A

    Are there any stats on what podcasts get downloaded where, how much etc. and can the stats be made public?
  2. Made this in my spare time, there used to be an Earwolf playlist of the same thing but that was in reverse... at least the last time I checked, they might have fixed it and this one is irrelevant. Regardless, watch the earwolf one or this one for some refreshing puns. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxquUGnzYRI&list=PLz4RswWbG0GXBJmYWAi0A1XxhhJA-uHp3 Copy & paste, if I embed it doesn't do the playlist but just gets you the first ep.
  3. dilkington

    Episode 163 ā€” Burning Love

    Usually I listen to the podcast on monday night local time, and usually by that time I'm very tired and not paying attention to the names written in the podcast description versus the names said on the actual podcast. Initially I did think these people were regular reality-tv idiots but as the show went on it got increasingly harder to believe that there are people like this anywhere. I suppose I thought that now that the CBB tv show has been through a few episodes, the podcast is popular enough for to be used as a marketing tool for other tv-shows. I think I realized that it was all the usual CBB characters at least by the halfway mark or when ever monkey hearts got involved. Naturally I'm embarrassed to admit that it took so long, but beyond my innate stupidity I can only blame the lack of zzz. I know of Burning Love, but I haven't seen it. I did watch every season of Flavor of Love, so I guess I'm predisposed to thinking that there are people like this.
  4. dilkington

    Harris' Foam Corner Online

    Would be better with all the foams in one page, none of this clicking through stuff. Irregardless and unbeknownst to them, it's all good. Appreciate it.
  6. dilkington

    bring back marissa wompler

    that wasn't very nice
  7. dilkington

    bring back marissa wompler

    F wombler, I'd be more into Lissler, also F.
  8. ...here's a tidbit for you, the ship in the show Star Trek was not actually called Star Trek but the Enterprise.