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  1. ChuckBuchinski

    Episode 48 — Up Ass Wound

    Why are you choosing the farmer's market over WholeFoods? Great work, Eric.
  2. ChuckBuchinski

    Guest suggestions

    Great to hear from Walsh recently. Would love to hear anyone else from Bear Down.
  3. ChuckBuchinski

    New home page

    Visit the site multiple times a day from my phone at work. With no Droid app, I'd really appreciate a mobile version so I wouldn't need to zoom or click the 1/8 inch links. Looking forward to seeing how these new categories fill out.
  4. Thank you for reminding me how much I love Dennis Franz impressions
  5. ChuckBuchinski

    Episode 40 — Over Hard

    Dylan-Petty-Franz-Farina is comedy gold.
  6. ChuckBuchinski

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

  7. ChuckBuchinski


    Nicely done khd. I think part of my guess was reading "Clarice" and hearing Bill Cosby (& Cosby-Bukowski) saying "Denise", but glad to have accidentally given Shannon a hand.
  8. ChuckBuchinski

    James Adomian's debut album drops 8/13 on Earwolf!

    Great album. It's got a little bit of everything you love Adomian for and the closer entirely deserves having a shirt made in it's honour.
  9. Ep 24.5, Carter/Meadows/Parham: God Bless You (Distraction Baby)
  10. ChuckBuchinski


    This doesn't really fit the description, but came to mind. It was from an old episode where PFT guest hosted.
  11. ChuckBuchinski

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    7/25 - San Diego - Brett Gelman, Jon Daly 7/29 - Minneapolis - Matt Besser, James Adomian 7/30 - Chicago - Matt Besser, James Adomian / Matt Besser, James Adomian 8/1 - Seattle - Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian 8/2 - Portland - Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian 8/3 - San Francisco - Paul F. Tompkins, Kurt Braunohler, James Adomian 8/4 - LA - Adam Scott, Nick Kroll, Andy Daly, Harris Wittels, James Adomian 8/6 - Boston - Tim Heidecker, Taran Killam, James Adomian 8/7 - NY - Bobby Moynihan, Kurt Braunohler, James Adomian / Bobby Moynihan, Tim Heidecker, James Adomian 8/8 - Washington - Kurt Braunohler, Tim Heidecker, James Adomian 8/9 - Philadelphia - Tim Heidecker, Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian 8/10 - Vancouver - ???
  12. ChuckBuchinski

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    My fave episode this year. Star Trek and Borat really need to be combined more often
  13. ChuckBuchinski

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    Any chance somebody could put on proper ID3 tags for future shows being uploaded? iTunes being made to dissuade you from using anything other than itself, once I d/led the podcasts, imported them and changed their media type to 'Podcast', they disappeared into the ether, so I had to move them to a new folder and import them again and change more info. Same for future shows, I like to download purchases directly from the site instead of iTunes because I imagine it's fractionally better for Earwolf. Having them show up titled properly and in the right place would be wonderful. Haven't listened to the shows yet, but assume they're more than worth it. Thanks