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    (No More) Long Plug Songs Theme

    That IS a good song!
  2. thomaspashko

    Episode order?

    In the early episodes of the show, it's often referenced that the episodes were released in a different order than they were recorded in. Did anyone ever figure out the order in which they were recorded?
  3. thomaspashko

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    It's also worth noting that most filmmakers who apply to Telefilm to try and get grant money are REJECTED because our Conservative gov't has cut arts funding drastically since 2006.
  4. thomaspashko

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses like this, but I have some "Corrections & Omissions"-related info in regards to Canada and how films are funded here. Nathan's partially right to bring up Telefilm Canada as a funder of films and television in Canada. But Telefilm is almost never the sole funder of a project. If I'm remembering my university classes correctly, Telefilm works like this: every year, Telefilm receives a certain amount of taxpayer money from the Canadian gov't for their annual budget. Then, filmmakers who are independent from Telefilm submit applications to Telefilm, and if Telefilm thinks the project is promising, they'll award the filmmakers a grant to subsidize their budget. The grants are pretty small. I know some folks working on a feature that's pretty big by Canadian standards, and they got a grant of $11,000. To give that some perspective, no one I know personally has received a grant even near that amount. Their funding is a combination of grants and an Indiegogo campaign (and I'm assuming personal investment), and the Indiegogo raised significantly more than their grant money. Basically what I'm saying is: there's no way $6,000,000 in Canadian taxpayer money was spent on Gooby. Actually, I can't find any evidence online to suggest that Gooby received even a penny from Telefilm. Only way to be sure is to look for a Telefilm logo in the credits, but I'm not going to do that because I don't want to touch Gooby with a ten-foot pole. I'd love to know if anyone already has access to the movie and can check it out. There are also similar organizations that may have provided funding (Telefilm is the funding organization thru Canada's federal gov't, but each of the provinces has their own funding organization at the provincial gov't level). Also, in regards to Paul's mistaken belief that Canadian artists are obligated to do work in Canada: I think you've mixed up the rules of Mandatory Canadian Content. It's a law stating that a certain percentage of a broadcaster's output must be content created in Canada or by Canadian artists. The percentage varies between broadcaster's and different mediums, but as an example, most new Canadian radio stations established since 1999 have to play a minimum of 40% Canadian music.
  5. Here is a submission for a plugs theme song, titled Closing Up the Frog Bag. https://soundcloud.c...up-the-frog-bag