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  1. DanielSwinney

    Automatic for the People

    Then they PERFORMED on P&R! Any way, speaking of TMBG, that "Fruity Organ" piece sounded very very TMBG-esque.
  2. DanielSwinney

    Out of Time

    God, I love Pop Will Eat Itself. Any way, I actually like Radio Song but the thing KRS-ONE says at the top has bugged me since the album was new. "I can't find nothing on the radio... Ah, turn to that station." What station? The one that's already on? You don't have to turn to that! Otherwise, how does the person operating the radio know what station? Also who the hell is he telling to change stations when a second ago he was the one failing to find anything?!?! I'm an "album fan" of REM (up until like, E-Bow the Letter) and I think Stand, Shiny Happy People, What's the Frequency Kenneth and Pop Song 89 are great. I think they're as good at sweet-sounding pop music as they are at metaphysical dirges.
  3. DanielSwinney

    Episode 516 - Solo Bolo Cincolo

    I'm like that VHS label that actually says "Berenstein" on it.
  4. DanielSwinney

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    I was kind of shocked neither guest mentioned that Dr. Chrushank almost has the same last name as Paul Rust's character on Love.
  5. DanielSwinney

    Episode 1813 - Chelsey Crisp

    I think what Jimmy is singing is the Nelly Furtado song "Fresh off the Boat" as opposed to the show's theme song.
  6. DanielSwinney

    Episode 282 - Remembering Prince with a Prince

    Howard is so right about Erotic City it's crazy, especially since the track he was playing wasn't the dance mix and the version you always hear is not the dance mix. Also the 1989 single was only released in Germany.
  7. DanielSwinney

    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    I rolled my eyes hard at her football "zinger."
  8. DanielSwinney

    Episode 100 — Junior

    Re: sex position... I think this would work: she's on her back, knees bent, legs spread, he's in between, thighs under hers, his preg-belly rests on her belly. He's still Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger. His hamstring power is still sick.
  9. DanielSwinney

    Episode 194.5 — 8/22/14 TWO CHARTED 133

    What is the clench pipe called? I want.
  10. DanielSwinney

    Episode 1502 - Ben Schwartz

    Damn, that curse.
  11. DanielSwinney

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    You beat me to posting this. Jim Varney was a brilliant improviser and comic character actor.
  12. DanielSwinney

    Episode 351 — Songwriter

    (Songwriter does not "mean person with a guitar right now" nor is it interchangeable with singer-songwriter. And Babyface was definitely referred to as a songwriter.)
  13. DanielSwinney

    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    Damn, stereo makes the opening theme song sound about 1000x better. Props to whichever engineer it was that rigged that up. (Stard?)
  14. I like U2 about as much as I like Phish. Luckily I like all the people who talk about both of them on earwolf podcasts.
  15. They did do a commercial to the tune of that song, with a chorus of kids kind of rhapsodizing the whole McDonaldLand Universe. Do you believe in magic? Hamburgers that talk... Chicken McNuggets you can take for a walk... I wish McDonald's would strike up a deal with adult swim to created a David Lynch-produced drama set in McDonaldLand.
  16. I always wanted Pop Secret popcorn to appropriate the Ramones' "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" as "Gimme Gimme Pop Secret." And for McDonald's to dress Hamburglar up like David Bowie and have him sing "Robble Robble" to the tune of "Rebel Rebel."
  17. DanielSwinney

    Episode 258 — Yoke Jams

    Oh my God, so much Pardo lately, so happy.
  18. DanielSwinney

    Return of Shots Fired

    Put some hell on my yeah, then.
  19. DanielSwinney

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    That's what I meant. He brought on Pete Holmes as someone whose voice can be just as hair-raising as people said the Pamela Murphy character from the Kristen Schaal episode was, to see if people would call out a male guest's annoyance factor the same way they did that particular female guest. And I'm kidding, mostly, but maybe not?
  20. DanielSwinney

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    Ok, I love Pete Holmes, but I actually kind of like that the people who find him annoying are speaking up in this thread, becaaaauuuse it occurred to me that maybe Scotty Ock set this up as a social experiment. Remember a couple of Pam Murphy appearances ago where she played the stand-up comic who worked at the Charlie Brown Steakhouse, and the thread started with a lot of comments about that character being annoying, and then Scott jumped in and turned it into a discussion about the potential sexism of people tending to criticize the over-the-top female characters as annoying? Well here's the same performer alongside a not-even-playing-a-character Pete Holmes, and this thread is all about people finding Pete annoying (other than the Butt guy). It looks like Earwolf forum posters are equal-opportunity as far as being annoyed!
  21. DanielSwinney

    Episode 50 — Jenkem ft. Eric Andre

    Oh God, damn I hate when dudes say there were multiple Ultimate Warriors.