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  1. Docwhiskey

    Episode 432 - Dana Carvey's Micro-Impressions

    I second the similarity to MJ. I would love an episode with him and Adomian just doing different impressions
  2. You're coming to St. Louis!!!! I am so happy!!! I looked on the Foam website but I guess it has not been announced yet, but the second it is I will get tickets!! Bring 'Stard, bring Ku, we have an arch!
  3. Docwhiskey

    26 We Can't Dance Together

    I am sorry you are leaving earwolf but considering the time Chad and Horatio put into this podcast, they should do whatever they want with it. Have you considered being entirely listener funded through something like patreon.com? I listen to several podcasts that do it that way and reward tiers you guys could offer might be pretty cool and a lot of fun. Maybe start your own network with shows like Bear Down or bring Jerry's old show back (wishful thinking). I would love video eps too, but given the cost maybe making them special events (holiday specials?) that cost like a buck or two on iTunes would be the way to go (I would happily kick in to see that) Wherever you go we will follow, but for now bravo brobro!!!!
  4. Docwhiskey

    EPISODE 237 β€” The Trans-Millennial

    If you are going to be at the Bell House I would throw down the gauntlet to that friend of space/enemy of the ocean Neil Degrasse Tyson to debate you. He has done shows there so I would call him out!
  5. Docwhiskey


    Dan Van Kirk is right, Samoas are the best. I view thin mints like Howard Kremer views Drake, they are overrated.
  6. Docwhiskey

    Episode 211 β€” Headshot Crime Detective

    New Ku nickname: Kulock Vilayholmes or Kulap Visherlock The game is afoot!
  7. You WILL pay a lot for that muffler until you learn your lesson young man!
  8. Fuck you Garfield, I make Mondays fun!
  9. I'd love to see PFT, Jimmy Pardo, and Harris Wittels do their own You talkin you talking U2 to me to me? podcast where they discuss the Scott's take on U2 and their experiences on the show.
  10. Docwhiskey

    Episode 47 β€” The Big Chamber

    Dragonopolis is my new favorite thing
  11. In St. Louis try Left Bank Books http://www.left-bank.com/.
  12. Docwhiskey

    Episode 139 β€” Boring Kanye West

    You three had great chemistry! I would love to hear a podcast that featured you three or if April and Howard showed up on I4H.
  13. Docwhiskey

    Episode 67 β€” Sharknado

    There was a shot showing them all being loaded up into a single ambulance and being driven away.
  14. Docwhiskey

    Episode 67 β€” Sharknado

    Sequel idea: Snakes in a 'Cane