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  1. I'm not usually one to toot my own horn, but ever since flu season hit, Brian Setzer hasn't allowed us to share instruments.
  2. SteveHalloran


    Can we finally get a Peppermen Podcast now? How about Season 2 of Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project? I mean all this content is great, but tell me about some more sclusies! Kulap mentioned some changes to Who Charted recently, can you go into any of that? I've been with you guys since you were just a little boy and I'll stick with you now that you are a big boy.
  3. SteveHalloran

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Great video everyone! So cool that the birthday message was broadcast simultaneously on the "big 5" right at midnight (and congrats to the CW for finally joining the big leagues). I much prefer this youtube cut without the commercials, though, so thanks for posting. Obviously, we've all got our tickets for "We Are Your Friends" already, so I was kinda miffed they were trying to take the spotlight from Sean with all those ad-buys. Watch yourself Efron, for once this isn't about you. Anyway - Happy Birthday, Sean (and you too, Mr. Obama - time for you to stop lurking and start posting already!)
  4. Never Judge A Man By His Coveralls
  5. SteveHalloran


    A new VPN Livestreamed CBB episode with Scott, Jason, Andy Daly and PFT.
  6. SteveHalloran

    Episode 93 — Patrick Walsh, Our Close Friend

    LAD Bible's Life Hacks Podcast seems like it would be a perfect fit for Wolf Cool.
  7. SteveHalloran

    Ask Paul!

    You said you won't be doing any pre-existing characters on SPONT, but will we see any characters from the show end up in the CBBuniverse or elsewhere? Some have been popping up in the commercials and I can imagine there are others you want to continue exploring.
  8. No one has ever Cook'd his Tourgasm up inside your tour bus? Dabney is up on his references!
  9. Just when you thought it couldn't be done - DING! The timer goes off and your microwaved burrito is ready.
  10. SteveHalloran

    EPISODE 341 — Banging the Table with Stars

    Also, here she is being great on British Panel show QI:
  11. SteveHalloran

    EPISODE 341 — Banging the Table with Stars

    I've heard of Stard, but Stars? Thanks for setting the record straight, Brett! Sometimes I think you guys are listening to a different show than I am. This was just lovely. Must be a bunch of creole pieces of shit setting up shop in this forum. I want my money back!
  12. One year ago we had no clue the genius that was to follow the next 8 weeks. Happy anniversary and hope we get a second season!
  13. Wharfmaster Whitford wheezily whinged whilst white whales whistled whimsically.
  14. Never heard of this Comedy Bang Bang show, except for all the free ads the guys have done recently. It must be struggling pretty hard, their forums rarely ever get 100 posts. Ouch! Can't wait to give it a listen and post on their forums about how unfunny it is. That should liven things up! #Crony2016
  15. SteveHalloran

    Episode 329 — Too Much Tuna Tour

    Oh yeah, the guy with the swastika avatar? How do they allow that at EW? That is a flub for sure!