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  1. JoshuaJamesGilbert

    Episode 75 — The Dark Side of the Moon

    Anyone know when the video will be up on Youtube?
  2. "Would you accept my tender embrace for that spacesuit?"
  3. JoshuaJamesGilbert

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    Thanks for the info, Chuck!
  4. JoshuaJamesGilbert

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    Does anyone have a full list of tour dates and guests for each show?
  5. JoshuaJamesGilbert

    Now with more bang!

    Now with more bang!
  6. JoshuaJamesGilbert

    Episode 26 — Live from Bridgetown!

    Fantastic episode! I was really hoping to hear the live show. One of the best yet! Ice in vagina.. it all makes sense now..