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  1. evenharder

    Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001)

    I feel the need to vocally support this suggestion. This legitimately has some of the best one-liners ("I'm...everywhere!"), oddest settings (the "Lesbian Drop-Off Center") worst/longest fight scenes (JC vs. The Athiests), and most inexplicable romances ever filmed, not to mention arguably the most hilarious closing theme music of all time. Absolutely a bad movie, and absolutely worth watching.
  2. evenharder

    Good Burger (1997)

    From a drag sequence to cameos by Sinbad and George Clinton to (probably) the most expensive mailbox demolition exhibition on film, "Good Burger" truly begs the question...how did this get made? It's available in full on YouTube, so I am begging you to watch it and shed some light on the bizarre spectacle that is this movie.
  3. evenharder

    Episode 79 — Dinosaur Curmudgeon

    I loved hearing the Daytrotter plug--they're one of the coolest places on the internet, doing something I genuinely don't think anyone else is doing these days. Great stuff, and Reggie's session is awesome!
  4. evenharder

    Next (2007)

    It's actually a pretty solid Nicholas Cage action movie, but with what very well may be one of the worst plot twists in cinema history. How often does ninety seconds retroactively ruin half a movie? You have super powers, a nuke, a terrible plot twist...and Nicholas Cage. C'mon. You know you want to.
  5. evenharder

    Episode 52 — Introducing: The Japan Dogs

    I'm late to the game on this episode, but I wanted to say thank you for playing the Beat Farmers. "Happy Boy" is a criminally-overlooked song that I've loved since I was a kid.
  6. evenharder

    Event Horizon (1997)

    Somehow managing to fail as a sci fi movie AND a horror movie, this sci-fi horror flick gets no recognition as a bad movie, which is baffling to me because hoooooo boy...
  7. evenharder

    What guest do you want to see?

    My #1 pick (even over Jon Benjamin) would be Paul Velat, aka Lord of the Yum-Yum. He's a Chicago-based performer who, among other things, does a cappella beatbox renditions of classical music, and is generally amazing. He could give Reggie Watts a run for his money. I don't know if there are any high-quality videos of him, as my only experiences have been seeing the guy live. He's still got a Myspace page (myspace.com/thelordoftheyumyum), and here is a video of his performance of "Flight of the Bumblebee." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc94y7n1DNk