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  1. AaronMeyer

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    "The world's fastest piano juggler."
  2. AaronMeyer


    This has totally derailed all the productivity I imagined was just about to happen.
  3. AaronMeyer

    Vibes (1988)

    "Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum play two psychics hired by Peter Falk to find his long lost son in a foreign country. When they get there they discover he's really hired them to help find a hidden temple in the mountains where all the psychic energy in the world comes from. Directed by Ken Kwapis." Trailer:
  4. AaronMeyer

    Question about Brody Stevens

    I knew he played for ASU and I've heard that he was a good pitcher but I've never seen him throw before. Wow!
  5. AaronMeyer

    What kind of microphone do you use?

    Yeah, I would be interested to know what they use in the Earwolf studio. I'm going to take a guess at the Shure SM7B.
  6. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang. I'm sorry to say - no catchphrase this week. We just didn't get around to it this time.
  7. AaronMeyer

    ....hey........it's Todd.....

    I am in full support of this submission.
  8. "In the frozen beauty of Finland, local reindeer herders race against the clock to capture an ancient evil: Santa Claus. A single dad and his son are caught up in the chaos as scientists dig for artifacts. What they find endangers the entire village." Those damn Russians went and screwed over the Finish again. Digging up the long (and rightfully) entombed Santa Clause and threatening to unleash his long list of horrors on all the bad children he can get his hands on, which just happens to be all of them. Can they out maneuver the horde of elderly, naked "elves" and destroy Santa before it's too late?! And I have to add, this movie is really well made. It has the production value of a major studio film and a really good cast. The lead actor is only about 9 years old and you couldn't want a more likable main character. It really harkens back to those eighties movies with coarse little boys (The Goonies, ect.). Except they live on the Finish Tundra and their dads seem to think raiding Russian scientific encampments (armed) and holding mortally injured, exposed old men wrapped in a tarp for ransom isn't a terribly serious moral transgression. I actually really enjoyed this movie, but as the movie goes on the unbelievable bits mount and the effect is absolutely accumulative. In the last 15-20 minutes I went from "Okay, that's a little bit out there." to "WHHHAAAAATTT?!?!?" I'm absolutely watching this film again. Loved it. (On Netflix streaming)