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  1. misterAndyReid

    EPISODE 342 β€” A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    Between this and his recent appearance on With Special Guest, Thomas Middleditch has been killing me lately. More Characs, Thomas! More Characs!
  2. misterAndyReid

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I run the booth at an improv theater in Detroit. I played nothing but Don't Stop Or We'll Die songs tonight, because it just felt right.
  3. misterAndyReid

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Is there a word for being heartbroken and excited at the same time? Cause that's what this episode makes me feel.
  4. misterAndyReid

    Episode BO2014.4 β€” Best of 2014 Pt 4

    It was a little sad to hear Scotty Aux even entertain the possibility of ending the podcast, during the wrapup convo. Never, Scotty, never!
  5. misterAndyReid

    Episode 100 β€” Junior

    I can't believe the most upsetting moment of any HDTGM movie was not discussed during this podcast: the nightmare sequence when a baby with Arnold's face is screaming. Haha
  6. misterAndyReid

    Episode 323 β€” Pie Quiz with Tears for Fears

    Tears For Fears are making a strong case for best musical guests ever. They're so funny and game for the silliness. I'm really enjoying this ep!
  7. misterAndyReid

    Episode 322 β€” YouTube Phenomahna

    There is a Jellystone Park in Michigan! Yogi Bear visits your campsite. Wheni was a kid, it was amazing Silverlakejellystone.com
  8. misterAndyReid

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    Holy Schmokes, A-plus episode. Gotta be a sure thing for the Best Ofs.
  9. These jamz have officially been womped.
  10. misterAndyReid

    Episode 87 β€” Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back

    I love Easy Rider. I was not aware of this movie, until I saw it pop up here, but I have to say, after watching it, this is the most egregious example of an unwarranted or unnecessary sequel, ever. The idea of delving into Captain America's family history undermines everything about the first movie. He was a man with no past and no future, certainly no family -- a blank canvas, eventually covered with the brush strokes of America at the end of the 1960s, through encountering the disparate cultures and counter-cultures that were fighting for their own views, the result of which is one of the most important dissections of American society of that decade. It's really disappointing that this movie was even made, to begin with.
  11. misterAndyReid

    Episode 294 β€” Honk Shoo

    It was after the cutoff for Best Ofs last year. I'm really hoping people remember it, when the 2014 voting comes around, because it was so amazing.
  12. misterAndyReid

    Episode 294 β€” Honk Shoo

    Yay! I just re-listened to the Tiny/Victor episode (which HAS to be in the Best Of eps). Brendan Small needs to be a charac guest as much as possible
  13. Maybe we can finally get those t-shirts for The Scotts.
  14. If the show is going on hiatus, we need something to take its place. Who wants to cohost the β€œPod Casterman: A Comprehensive And Encyclopedic Compendium Of All Things Scott Aukerman” show with me?