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  1. This is one of the best things I've ever heard. It's hard to single any one out, but Scotty Auk was so damn funny on this ep. Though, of course, that may also be because of PFT's reactions to the insanity. Gah, everyone was great!
  2. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 443 - This Is Your Boy Troy

    Buddy cop comedy starring Scott and Scott. I need that.
  3. Mookie has been on fire lately.
  4. I saw a Totinos pizza rolls yesterday and I can swear Jason Mantzoukas was doing the voice-over. Any else notice this, or can confirm?
  5. BuzzinFrog

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    This is one of the dumbest episodes I've heard. This is one of my favorite episodes.
  6. BuzzinFrog

    EPISODE 174 — Whiplash Ft. Armen

    Matt, other hyumons- thanks for the best ep yet
  7. Cody, Cody, Cody, my kingdom for a Cody - one that does his goddamn job, that is
  8. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    R. Shrift and Claudia made this one of my favorite episodes of all time. I give it a hard C+.
  9. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 126 — Their Name Is Korn

    Big Trucks was such a great song. I went and got it off ITunes, but the version on this show is actually better, I think.
  10. I just wanted to echo an earlier sentiment that, like many I could care less about U2, but this podcast is now my most anticipated Earwolf download. Thanks, Scotts!
  11. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 278 — Only Tones

    I guess I usually take it for granted, but Scott deserves particular praise for this episode. He was hilarious.
  12. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 276 — LIVE from SXSW 2014 II

    Gabrus was so, so good. I love Besser, but Gabrus owned it.
  13. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 266 — The Calvins Twins

    Just a delight. and so funny. Thanks, Scott.
  14. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 259 — Charlotte's Website

    From now on, whenever my DVR records the end of Tosh 2.0 as the beginning of the show I actually want to watch, I won't be able to think of Tosh as anything but a Sag Hag.
  15. BuzzinFrog

    Episode 257 — Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts

    This is your recent pyramid news for the last two weeks