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    Episode 328 — Beatle Heaven

    I always enjoy when someone comes on to do a celebrity impression of someone they're not terribly familiar with. And when Scott realizes this and zeroes in on them... always gold. I like to think Mike Hanford still has no idea who Stu Sutcliffe is.
  2. I would set fire to an orphanage, murder hundreds of innocent people, and eat my own feces for a Klondike bar.
  3. I came here just in the hope that someone else mentioned this. Their psychic connection is a weird one that apparent;y doesn't carry over to Pardo-mid. And I would love a monthly or twice a month (weekly might be pushing it) podcast where they played Pyramid.
  4. EricLyden

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    You might wanna start at 0:17. The open is funny, but visual. But once mom walks in it's great.
  5. 1. I actually have a little plastic statue of St. Clair on top of my TV. 2. If this wasn't the funniest episode of Improv 4 Humans yet I'd love to see a funnier one. It's not so much that the talent was any higher than the average episode (though everyone involved is certainly fantastic) but the chemistry... my god, everyone seemed on the exact same page from the start and when that happens it's just fucking magic. This and the McKay/Gethard episode are the cream of the I4H crop.
  6. EricLyden

    Episode 35 — I Fixed It!

    I knew Chris Gore's comments would be bullshit as soon as started with "Improv is for pussies. Except of course for you and Paul Sheer and anyone else who may be a friend of mine or be able to help my career." If you're gonna say shit like that you've gotta own it. Believe me, it takes a lot more courage to get up in front of any audience, no matter how small, and perform an improv scene than it does to act like a jackass in a restaurant. Of course beginners kinda suck. They're beginners. Demeaning improv as being "for pussies" because people who have been doing it for less than six months haven't quite mastered it is kind of silly. I'll say this much- I've been taking improv classes for a little under a year and it has definitely, without a doubt made me a better person and that is not bullshit. I don't know if I'm any good or not, but it's most definitely made me less pf a pussy.